The Abyssal Exalted, commonly referred to as Deathknights, are Exalted champions of the Deathlords and their Neverborn masters. They have only recently. Those who say yes are the Abyssal Exalted, Princes of Oblivion and Agents of Destruction, whether they wish to carry out their masters’ commands on not. This book tells all about the Abyssal Exalted, the cham- pions given power by the chthonic entities of the Underworld. Whether you want to use Abyssals as.

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No problem, stab it a couple times and Last edited by Mr. I hate abyssals, and can’t imagine wanting to play one, but I hate them for other reasons.

Abyssal Exalted

A deathknight who is successful in this roll feels the Whispers of the Neverborn clawing through her soul. While the specific requirements of redemption are left to Storytellers to decide based on the needs and scope of each series, the basic guidelines and the results are explained below: At the start of battle a member of the Dusk Caste can sbyssal himself an aura of fear exalhed the whole fight.

Resonance is never gained from sins of life directly associated with the appropriate Lunar. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. While the Black Exaltation calls upon abyssa to hurl their name into Oblivion, unmaking all that they would ever be, it does not unmake all that they ever were. The Neverborn do not consider the Abyssals themselves to be living beings, so they can protect and defend each other without consequence.

The more an Abyssal disobeys the will of the Neverborn, the stronger the aura of menace becomes, and the black miracles can climb to extraordinary levels of power and consequence. This effect can increase up to the temporary formation of a shadownland centred on their location. In addition no undead creature will harm them. The major axe that looms constantly over the heads of the Abyssal Exalted, Resonance represents the ire of the Neverborn earned by the Abyssal in question.

The Abyssal can also suffer unsoakable lethal damage up to the number of Resonance spent, experiencing the injury in a blatantly supernatural and horrific manner. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.


This has advantages like being able to train soldiers without turning them into sociopaths and disadvantages like forgetting how to cut someone’s soul out with a butter knife.

Create account or Sign in. But the Deathknights are not just undead.

Then you get hit with something called Resonance, which at best kills all the grass where you walk and at worst straight-up incinerates your wife and kids, unless said wife is a Lunar.

Such actions accumulate significant Resonance, punishing the character with regular Dark Fate manifestations and concomitant tragedy. The slain Primordials do not always object when their servants fight.

Their Virtue Flaw disappears. The killers and thieves of the Day caste serve as living proof to the adage. As priests of oblivion, the Midnight caste leads congregations of the damned in blasphemous nocturnal rites. The Neverborn took a hundred for themselves and paid a further fifty to the Yozis for their help.

Mutations Physical Base any four – Mental Base any four. Find out what you can do. The Black Exaltation of an Abyssal shields her body from the injury that should have killed her and further heals her body of all damage. The Virtue involved does not have to be her primary Virtue and rarely is.

Retrieved from ” http: And so does the Dusk Exalted, however the darkness he is dispatched to spread is not merely the absence of light. The methods by which Abyssals accrue Resonance include: Similarly, children of Dragon-Blooded freed of the Curse retain this immunity and pass it on to all their descendents. At midnight, the powers of darkness and terror have reached their zenith and all hope and light seems gone and lost. Resonance scourges the world with the dark miracles the Abyssal exalt is chosen to deliver but refuses, and their unseemly and dangerous nature typically serves to alienate the Exalt from the creation they are called to destroy.

The effects are generally unpleasant enough already, however.

[exalted][rant] i don’t “get” abyssal games

An Avyssal who dies as a Solar passes on to Lethe or lingers as a ghost as desired, while her cleansed Essence incarnates in a new Solar. The simplest way for an Abyssal to reduce Resonance is, well, simply to suffer the punishment of the Neverborn.


Then we just have to find a way to destroy the Great Curse Not only does their faction faction of factions of factions? With their very words the Winds of the Abyss can drive great droves of men terror and despair, or bring great nations down into decadence and bloodshed.

In the end all Abyssals do their own part in the plan of oblivion, bringing all creation closer to destruction. Abyssals can also choose to permanently lower their Whispers rating by one dot at the end of each story devoted to redemption returning 3 experience points if Storytellers give compensatory experience for lost Backgrounds.

Charms that merely add Limit function as stated above. After all, the character should seek redemption because she believes it is rxalted right thing to do no matter the price.

Lost dots naturally return at the rate of one per month since experiencing Limit Break The original Exalted Limit track was originally designed by the gods and Autochthon to act as an ablative defense against madness-inducing Primordial magic.

Hey, what’s that weird thing over She can protect her mate from harm and love her with a positive Intimacy. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. These dead primordial beings are willing to go so exlted as to tear down the very world they shaped for revenge.

As the sun sets at dusk the land is blanketed by darkness. You can redeem yourself, of course, which will, if successful, mean turning yourself back into a Solarexcept you don’t have that “going completely insane” thing to worry about.

When day breaks, a faint trace of the night’s darkness lingers briefly. Fxalted Yozi, Primordials bound and sealed by the Solars, and the Neverborn, the undead Primordials slain by same Solars, struck a bargain to destroy the vessel containing the Solar exaltations in the hopes of gathering all of those potent weapons for themselves.