Houve melhora para as medidas referentes ao ângulo de Charpy (p&61;0,), CI (p&61;0,), PFE (0,), PIM (0,), CrA (p&61;0,) e CrX (p& 22 nov. Charpy (entaille en U) ISO/R – Acier-Essai de résilience Charpy . 4 NBR / α = ângulo de suspensão do pêndulo β = ângulo. ângulo de Charpy, alinhamento horizontal da cabeça (AHC), lordose cervical ( LC), .. er the Charpy angle (15), the more horizontal the ribs. In.

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The assembly of the wings 2 takes up very little surface of the bed 1being free most of the surface.

Pêndulo Charpy

Is screwed on the mass notch: The impact energy to be performed on the specimen. Braking system control device once executed the impact. It is detected when the rotation of the device changes direction after impact.

The tip chaarpy the impactor 11 is an interchangeable tip that binds to the mass 7 by a threaded connection.

hcarpy Device for pendulum impact test low energy type used for validations materials Charpy method including a bed on which wings housing the rotation axis arm system is yerguen braking, characterized in that: The utility model has a Charpy pendulum whose main characteristic is the support plate which actuators pendulum support.

The object of this device is to perform controlled in the specimen, in no case cause breakage or excessive damage to the damage. The cnarpy comprises two brake discs attached to charph shaft and two pneumatic grippers. One kind of pendulum lever Huobujinsen Strain Rate Test device and method loading.

This angle can be any: Are arranged Tong anchored in the wings of the bed to leave the base of free bed and can easily be tied to any surface. The hammer is intrumentalizado and the device has a data acquisition system. Mediante un pulsador se libera el brazo y se ejecuta el impacto. En este caso se trata de resolver la necesidad de ampliar el rango y antulo tipo de In this ds it comes to solving the need to expand the range and type of.

The device is compact and versatile and can bind to different tool in horizontal, vertical or inclined managed to obtain impacts in any direction. Consists of a bed 1 and wings 2 on both the axis of rotation 3 se the pliers 4 of the brake, an arm 6 having through holes 10 and a mass supported 7 sliding through the arm 6 and fixed on it, and finally an interchangeable impactor 11 is screwed into the mass 7.


Figure 1 shows a perspective view of the embodiment of the invention. Binding arm 6 with the axis 3 is consolidated with oblique supports 8 and the corresponding part of the shaft 3 at its char;y with the arm 6 and two oblique supports 8 changes its cylindrical design for a rectangular design where the connecting points 9 are established.

The software associated hcarpy the device automatically brakes the pendulum when it has reached the desired angle. Figure 2 shows another view of the invention to provide a complete view of it, showing the elements that are not clearly seen in Figure 1. Specifically, the impact device consists of a pendulum with a system of variable weights are placed in different positions of the arm to provide greater flexibility to the amgulo as to the impact energies that can be set.

De esta manera se consigue que el movimiento de ambos elementos sea solidario. Kind code of ref document: The method of using the aforementioned pendulum device solves the problems that may arise in the execution of all types of impacts with this device. The different positions can take the mass 7 increase system flexibility because different impact energies are achieved antulo moving the mass 7.

If the angle exceeds the impact so that the bulk of the mass 7 can hit the specimen the brake is applied before this happens.

The method followed for use is as follows: This plate is required agulo to the large dimensions of the pendulum.

To solve this and other problems has developed charp pendulum impactor of the invention. Also on the axis of rotation 3 the arm 6 ending in a mass 7 constituting all the pendulum is fixed. The angle of the surface on which is to impact measured with an inclinometer.

Country of ref document: In relation to the arm and the mass, the mass is displaced and fixed along the arm angull the impact energy needed.

It is another object of the invention that the pendulum is provided on a base that is adaptable to any arrangement, either horizontal, vertical, inclined or even on the same specimen.

The present invention is encompassed within the field of tests using a pendulum impact on a specimen. Se detecta cuando el giro del dispositivo cambia de sentido tras el impacto. With the data of surface inclination and the angle of impact energy that has to rise the device is calculated.


Sobre la masa va atornillada la entalla: El control del sistema frena el dispositivo una vez ejecutado el impacto. In the state of the art impact devices pendulum they are mainly used for destructive testing. Los discos de freno 5 se soportan sobre el eje 3 y se disponen junto a las alas 2 de la bancada. Chwrpy pendulum impact test low energy according to the first claim, characterized carpy that the arm 6 and mass 7 are joined by a pin and the mass 7 has an impactor 11 interchangeably by screwing the tip.

Pendulum device dr testing low energy impacts the type used for characterization of materials by the Charpy method, characterized by having a control system which prevents recoil or rebound further damage on the desired material.

From airplane wings, boats etc. In any case, this and other devices pendulum not adequately solve the problems associated with the location of the specimen when the part to be evaluated is large or problems regarding the use of different types of arms and different ed types to determine the most appropriate inertia.

It also has a security system to prevent damage to the specimen if the selected energy is too large.

Ensayo Charpy e Izod by Nikolas Espitia on Prezi

The grippers 4 are supported only in the wings 2 without resting on the bed 1 leaving the anulo area with free access. Figure 4 shows a second embodiment in which the device is fixed on the gantry structure itself is displayed.

The joint system of the bed is set based on the specimen to impact. Patent ES in which a pendulum for testing having a modular configuration, an arm operated by a reducer and characterized motor described because its operation is carried out by operation of an electromagnet that releases the mass disposed at the end of the arm. It then goes on to describe very briefly a series of drawings which aid in better understanding the invention and which are expressly related to an embodiment of said invention presented as a non-limiting example thereof.

ES Kind code of ref document: