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Biblioteca Mitologica

Danke epitomoj, kvankam nur resumoj el la fino de la tria libro kaj el iu kvar libro perditaj, nun ni havas vidon probable de la plena verko. Show by default Hide by default.

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Hide browse bar Your current position in the text is marked in blue. View text chunked by: On him Hercules bestowed his bow. Download Pleiades ancient places geospacial dataset for this text. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

From these accounts we gather that the Dryopians were a wild robber tribe, whose original home was in the fastnesses of Mount Parnassus. But hanging was the favourite mode of suicide adopted by Greek legendary heroines, as by Jocasta, Erigone, Phaedra, and Oenone.

But if the mountains themselves are gaunt and bare, the prospect from their summits is glorious, stretching over the sea which washes the sides of the peninsula, and across it to the long line of blue mountains which bound, as in a vast amphitheatre, the horizon on the north, the west, and the south.

See Folk-Lore in the Old Testamenti. As to the capture of Oechalia by Herakles, see Soph. And as he passed by Itonus he was challenged to single combat by Cycnus a son of Ares and Pelopia; and closing with him Hercules slew him also. Frazer en la kolekto de malnovaj grekaj kaj latinaj tekstoj de Loeb, Loeb Classical Library Transactions of the American Philological Association Plue, oni malkovras [18]kronologie, Apolodoro el Ateno ne skribas nian verkon krom se akceptas anakronismon.


Richard Wagner eldonis, enla unan libron kun epitomoj kaj la malkontinuan konitan tekston, en la kolekto de antikvaj tekstoj, Biblioteko Teubnera Lat. It is said that Cycnus used to cut off the heads of passing strangers, intending with these gory trophies to build a temple to his father Ares.

La germana filologiisto Richard Wagner faris, al la fino de la a jarcento, listo de 14 malfruaj haveblaj manuskriptoj [8]pli malpli similaj. Constantine, the foundations of a temple and fair-sized precinct, with a circular base of three steps at the east end, have been observed in recent years. In such a sad plight he was carried on shipboard to Trachis: The inhabitants say that a great city once stood here, and the heaps of stones, many of them presenting the aspect of artificial mounds, may perhaps support, if they did not suggest, the tradition.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. La Biblioteko estas menciita tiele, la unua fojo, de la patriarko de Konstantinopolo Fotio la 1-a en la 9-a jarcento p. All Search Options [ view abbreviations ]. More search options Limit Search to: See Adonis, Attis, Osiris3rd ed.

But no sooner was the tunic warmed than the poison of the hydra began to corrode his skin; and on that he lifted Lichas by the feet, hurled him down from the headland, 11 and tore off the tunic, which clung to his body, so that his flesh was torn away with it.


Apollodorus, Library, book 2, chapter 7, section 7

La fonto de la enhavo de la Biblioteko estas pensata de Apolodoro, sed tiam kiu estas la bibliotecca kaj kiam li faris la Biblioteko? This text is part of: El Vikipedio, la libera enciklopedio.

Cenaeum is the modern Cape Lithada, the extreme northwestern point of Euboea. Tiuj epitomoj estas resumoj el perdita parto la fino de la bblioteca libro kaj eble unu kvar libro kaj kiu estis aldonitaj malfrue.

Nonnus expressly says that the poisoned tunic took fire and burned Herakles.

Mitologia biblioteko – Vikipedio

Driven from there by the advance of the Dorians, they dispersed and settled, some in Ibbliotecasome in Euboeasome in Peloponneseand some even in Cyprus. Tio permesas tuta vido de la enhavo de la verko. La malfinitaj fontoj de la Biblioteko ne plu estas ekde la fino de la a jarcento. These ruins may be the remains of the sanctuary of Caenean Zeus. The waters of the stream have been hot apoloddoro since, and are called Thermopylae.

mitolgicca Search the Perseus Catalog for: The notion that fire separates the immortal from the mortal element in man has already met us in Apollod.

At their foot the whole valley of the Spercheus lies open to view. Se oni volas pliprecize, nur restas la stila analizo [17] Oni aldonas plue la erojn pri Epitomoj vidu alineon pri epitomoj subemalkovritajn al la fino de la a:.