The greatest of all tragedies must be that of the person who dies just outside the gate of life. They are standing, as it were, just outside the Wicket gate to the. LibriVox recording of Around the Wicket Gate by Charles H. Spurgeon. Read in English by MaryAnn Spiegel. Millions of men are in the outlying. Around the Wicket Gate has ratings and 15 reviews. Justin said: I don’t know how anyone could dislike Spurgeon. This is a delightful little books fil.

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You say you will have nothing to do with Jesus and his blood, and you pooh-pooh all religion. This is the ground-work of the security of the sinner who believes in Jesus: Do you think the way of salvation, as laid down in the text we have quoted, to be dubious? If any one gave me an estate, I certainly should not commence raising questions as to the title.

It is a grace for every day, all the year round. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

The size of the log was no benefit to him who grasped it; it needed a connection with the shore to produce safety. We have sinned enough, without adding this to all our other offenses. Uploaded by librivoxbooks on December 27, If even to add to his words is to draw a curse upon ourselves, what must it be to pretend to add to himself?

But it is the height of folly to get discussing these deep things, and to leave plain, soul-saving truths in abeyance. For this we will rely upon the Lord our God, whose we are, and whom we serve. If another way of deliverance had been possible, the cup of bitterness would have passed from him.

This way of salvation is chosen that it might be seen to be of grace alone. People think that salvation must be the result of some act or feeling, very mysterious, and very difficult; but God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are his ways our ways. About Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Around the Wicket Gate — C. H. Spurgeon

All the other boys were in a dreadful state wlcket mind to think that they had lost the watch. Be much in reading about the Lord Jesus.

While aiming a blow at a bit of wood my bill-hook slipped out of my hand, and went right down into the snow, where I could not hope to find it. Faith is greatly needed by you who are strangers to spiritual things; you seem lost while we are talking about them.


They stripped him, and threw him down, and nailed him to the wood. Joe rated it really liked it Feb 02, Fall into the arms of Jesus. An old man replied, “We shall be saved if we repent, and forsake our sins, and aroknd to God.

I have heard of one who found in his pulpit Bible a paper bearing this text, “Sir, we would see Jesus.

Be much in reading about the Lord Jesus. What best is there about any of us? The Lord must see more that is acceptable in his Son than in the best of us. It is good at hard work, and at daily duty.

Around the Wicket Gate by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

She raises no question about the strength of his limbs to carry her, or the zeal of his heart to rescue her; but she clings. Naaman thought it hard that he should have to wash in Jordan; but if it had been some great thing, he would have done it right cheerfully.

Waiting or refusing to decide will practically be a sure decision for the evil one. At one time I might have needed evidence to make me believe in the Lord Jesus; but now I know arounv so well, by proving him, that I should need a very great deal of evidence to make me doubt him.

The great matter is to be delivered from the love of sin: To save both from the guilt and the power of sin, Jesus is all-sufficient. It reminds one of the two philosophers who debated about food, and went away empty from the table, while the common countryman in the corner asked no question, but used his knife and fork with great diligence, and went on his way rejoicing.

Therefore am I in terrible earnest to get my hesitating friends over the threshold. I am like the good man and his wife who had kept a lighthouse for years. If we have hitherto stood trembling outside in the wide world of unbelief, may the Holy Spirit enable us now to take the great decisive step, and say, once for all, “Lord, I believe: A man may have good eyes, and yet may not be able to see an object, because another substance comes in the way.

Around the Wicket Gate

He that has set the will right can arrange all your other powers, and make them move to his praise. You are now starting on the railway of grace— take a ticket all the way through.


What can arouund the use of inventing reasons why I should not hold my own house, or possess any other piece of property which is enjoyed by me?

The Bible is the window through which we may look and see our Lord. He felt persuaded that, should he quit his hold, he would be dashed in pieces on some awful rocks that waited for him down below.

The Lord Jesus is great at making the lame man to leap like a hart, and in enabling those who are sick of the palsy to take up their bed and walk.

I saw, the other day, a remarkable picture, which I shall use as an illustration of the way of salvation by faith in Jesus.

Our guilt was the olive-press which forced from him the moisture of his life. Christ Jesus is before our faces, and we have only to look to him, and live; but we make all manner of bewilderment of it, and so manufacture a maze out of that which is plain as a pikestaff.

If a man could really see what sin is, he would flee from it as from a deadly serpent, and rejoice to be freed from it by Christ Jesus. When the pilgrim, on his way to the Wicket Gate, tumbled into the Slough of Despond, do you think that, when the foul mire of that slough stuck to his garments, it was a recommendation to him, to get him easier admission at the head of the way?

Many a believer can say— “When I view thee, wounded, grieving, Breathless, on the cursed tree, Soon I feel my heart believing Thou hast suffered thus for me.

If another way of deliverance had been possible, the cup of bitterness would have passed from him. It is not more hard than the fact that if you reject the compass and the pole-star you will not reach your port. See how the Lord hangeth the world upon nothing but his own word! Our friend has come to see us, and has traveled through our crowded London by rail, or tram, or omnibus.