Randall R. De Martino R. R. De Martino, MD, MS (*) . marginal artery of Drummond is formed by the arterial network from the ileocolic to the superior rectal. Griffiths’ point is defined as the site of (a) communication of the ascending left colic artery with the marginal artery of Drummond, and (b) anastomotic bridging. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘arteria marginal del colon’.

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The SMA terminates at the ileum where it anastomoses with the ileal branch of the ileocolic artery. The marginal druummond not labeled connects the middle colic artery a branch of the SMA to the left colic artery a branch of the IMA. It is sometimes absent, as an anatomical variant.

Arteria sinuosa del colon: su importancia en la circulacion colateral intestinal.

It is upon this critical point at the splenic flexure that collateral circulation between the superior mesenteric artery and the marginal artery branch of the inferior mesenteric artery supplying the descending colon is dependent. This critical point is of significance in occlusive vascular impairment of drummonv left colon, both in spontaneous instances and following surgical ligation of the inferior mesenteric artery, and in “nonocclusive” ischemic colitis.

Colonic blood areria Marginal artery is 9.

Testicular artery Ovarian artery. From this marginal artery, straight vessels also known as vasa recta pass to the colon. Courses anteroinferiorly, behind the neck of the pancreas and splenic veincrossing anterior to the left renal vein. This includes particularly assessment of atherosclerotic changes at or near the ostia of the major visceral arteries and the vascular arrangement at Griffiths’ point.


Anatomical terminology [ edit on Wikidata ]. Views Read Edit View history. Left colic Marginal Sigmoid Superior drujmond.

Wikipedia articles with TA98 identifiers. Proper hepatic cystic Right gastric Gastroduodenal right gastroepiploic superior pancreaticoduodenal artera. Some anatomists believe the ileocolic artery is the terminal portion of the SMA and that what many consider the terminal SMA is the last of the ileal branches. Posterior abdominal wall, after removal of the peritoneum, showing kidneys, suprarenal capsules, and great vessels.

Arteries of the abdomen Large intestine.

arteria marginal del colon – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Individuals with absence of dependable anastomoses at Griffiths’ point at the splenic flexure may be particularly vulnerable to low perfusion states and develop the syndrome of ischemic colitis. In human anatomy, the marginal artery of the colonalso known as the marginal artery of Drummond and artery of Drummond is an artery that connects the inferior mesenteric artery with the superior mesenteric artery.

It supplies the gut from the ampullary region of the 2 nd part of the duodenum to the splenic flexure.

Proper hepatic cystic Right gastric Gastroduodenal right gastroepiploic superior pancreaticoduodenal supraduodenal. Branches to the jejunum and ileum are given off to the left, and branches to the proximal and mid colon are given off to the right.

In the setting of chronic ischemic colitisboth the marginal artery and the meandering mesenteric artery may be enlarged significantly, and may provide significant drujmond flow to the ischemic colonic segment.


Arcuate Vaginal branches Ovarian branches Tubal branches Spiral. It emerges anterior to the uncinate process of the pancreas and crosses anterior to the third part of the duodenum.

Read it at Google Books – Find it at Amazon. Complete arteriographic evaluation is necessary in ischemia of the colon. Inferior pancreaticoduodenal Intestinal jejunal ileal arcades vasa recta Ileocolic colic anterior cecal posterior cecal ileal branch appendicular Right colic Middle colic Marginal. The SMA is the artery to the midgut.

Sigmoid colon and rectumshowing distribution of branches of inferior mesenteric artery and their anastomoses. Frontal view of the abdominal aorta and the territory supplied by the inferior mesenteric artery.

Superior mesenteric artery | Radiology Reference Article |

You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Umbilical artery Medial umbilical ligament to ductus arheria. This artery is almost always present and its absence should be considered a variant. A horseshoe kidneya common 1 in anomaly of the kidneys, will be positioned below the IMA.

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