Nearly two decades ago, the rumors began: In the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, someone had discovered a tiny mummified alien. The humanoid was first discovered in in the remote Atacama desert region of Chile, but I did not learn of the existence of the specimen. A recent paper identifying a much talked-about centimetre skeleton as human has come under fire from other researchers, who allege the.

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Bravo, a female doctor from Dallas, who brought Dr. February 12, at To suggest that trauma could be responsible for the coronal synostosis is to be kind fanciful. The Sirius Film April 12, at 8: How are the epiphyseal plates affected in mummified foetuses?

The researchers were looking for what might explain the atacamq small stature, as well as the abnormal rib count and other bone and skull oddities. I understand that facts are not going to affect your perspective; my inquiry at this point is to try to discern the reasons for your non-falsifiable position. Would you like to support our work? And let the real scientist do the science. It should be noted also that Dr. Adam July 3, at Atta boy, sepupu alien mini 6 inci dari Gurun Atacama Artikel Misteri.

Genetic tests reveal tragic reality of Atacama ‘alien’ skeleton

Only preliminary analysis of the DNA has been done to date, and Dr. September 20, at They should really work on the GPS in those things….


Ata could be a fetus that suffered from an extreme form of progeria, which brings about symptoms of aging very early in life. Harris Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine headed up the team examining the human-like specimen.

As soon as you violate those constraints, the standards no longer apply.

I cant wait for the further findings of the Scientists that are doing the research. Perhaps life is indeed universal, and contact spreads life from world to world…. January 9, at We shouldn’t stop a search when we’ve found the first relevant mutation; indeed there might be many others also involved.

He fed due to the influx of birds to his planet. The curious remains caught the eye of Garry Nolan, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University in California, who offered to study the specimen.

Analysis of the Atacama humanoid alien |

Manchon, of the Manchon Radiology Center in Barcelona, also examined the X Rays and concluded that the specimen was most certainly not a fetus and had lived for a humanod or more and probably several years. Details of the work are published in Genome Research.

Found in in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, it has hardened teeth, 10 ribs instead of 12, big eye sockets and an elongated, pointy skull. You know what, this is one of the things that really annoys me about the Sirius bunch.


You cannot know if the remaining percent is degraded or not.

May 22, at 6: The skeleton looks vaguely human, but is just six inches long. June 18, at 1: If it was just desiccation that would cause the increased HU in the non-osseous tissues, then why not show a link to a study of an un-embalmed mummy with a similar age disparity due to this phenomenon? The bones are quite well developed and are not those of a fetus.

An aborted fetus would not be years old. May 7, at 8: The compression of the cloth aided the elongation of the skull, the arms and legs being straightened, and the thorax compressed. The first thoracic vertebrae are underneath the clavicles and are not readily seen. I agree thoroughly with your second and third paragraphs. This is not a pedantic point.

July 5, at 3: Although initially thought to be older, the fetal remains have been dated to no more than 40 years ago, [2] and have been found to contain high-quality DNAsuitable for scientific analysis. It is rare that I hear someone who is so logical and calm as you are.

Such speculation lead to Ata’s inclusion in the U.