What struggle was the Church facing that made Barmen necessary? “The Theological Declaration of Barmen was written by a group of. Musée protestant > The 20th century > The Barmen Declaration met as a clandestine synod in the suburbs of Wuppertal (Rhineland-Palatinate), in Barmen . The Confessional Synod of the German Evangelical Church met in Barmen, May , Here representatives from all the German Confessional.

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They glorified Adolf Hitler as a “German prophet” and preached that racial consciousness was a source of revelation alongside the Bible. As he consolidated his power, Hitler abolished all political rights and democratic processes: It will not be so among you; but whoever wishes to have authority over you must be barmdn servant.

It calls upon all who can stand in solidarity with its Declaration to declaratuon mindful of these theological findings in all their decisions concerning Church and State. The Church acknowledges with gratitude and reverence toward God the benefit of this, his appointment. Thus alone is the Church renewed. The church belongs to Christ and to Christ alone. It calls to mind the Kingdom of God, God’s commandment and righteousness, and thereby the responsibility both of rulers and of the ruled.

Scripture tells us that by divine appointment the State, in this still unredeemed world in which also the Church is situated, has the task of maintaining justice and peace, so far as human discernment and human ability make this possible, by means of the threat and use of force. Their intention was, rather, to withstand in faith and unanimity the destruction of the Confession of Faith, and thus of the Evangelical Church in Germany.

Thus alone is the Church renewed” 8.

They managed to protest and resist Hitler and the German state. The Theological Declaration of Barmen affirmed that the church is a congregation of persons in which Christ is the active Lord in Word and Sacrament through the Holy Spirit.

The Theological Declaration of Barmen

The Barmen Declaration,declaaration a call to resistance against the theological claims of the Nazi state. Of significant lasting value is their legacy to the larger church in the Barman Declaration. They confessed that Jesus Christ, as attested to in Scripture, was proclaimed as the one Word of God and Lord of all life.


This threat moved a group within the church to confess anew its faith by reclaiming its old confessional heritage and using that heritage to make a new “theological” statement at Barmen, Germany during May, It calls upon all who can stand in solidarity with its Declaration to be deckaration of these theological findings in all their decisions concerning Church and State. The document became the chief confessional document of the so-called Confessing Church.

Through him there comes to declarqtion joyful liberation from the godless ties of this world for free, grateful service to his creatures. The declaration was debated and adopted without amendment, and the Confessing Church, that part of the church that opposed the German Christians, rallied around it.

The church again became an issue, what is the true nature of the true church and who does the church listen to? The Church acknowledges with gratitude and reverence toward God the benefit of this, his appointment.

The “Confessing Church” had a short life. Jesus Christ, as he is attested to us in Holy Scripture, is the one Word of Declartaion whom we have to hear, and whom we have to trust and obey in life and in death.

The Barmen Declaration

The love of the Father is not in those who love the world; for all that is in the world-the desire of the flesh, the desire of the eyes, the pride in riches-comes not from the Father but from the world. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out -because I was not a trade unionist.

In opposition to attempts to establish the unity of the German Evangelical Church by means of false doctrine, by the use of force and insincere practices, the Confessional Synod insists that the unity of the Evangelical Churches in Germany can come only from the Word of God in faith through the Holy Spirit.

Following a number of regional meetings, these men assembled representatives of Lutheran, Reformed, and United churches in Gemarke Church, Barmen, in the city of Wuppertal, May 29—31, The Theological Declaration of Barmen contains six propositions, each quoting from Scripture, stating its implications for the present day, and rejecting the false doctrine of the German Christians.

And the world and its desire are passing away, but those who do the will of God live forever. These three churches were LutheranReformedand United. It is threatened by the teaching methods and actions of the ruling Church party of the “German Christians” and of the Church administration carried on by them.


As the Church of pardoned sinners, it has to testify in the midst of a sinful world, with its faith as with its obedience, with its message as with its order, that it is solely his property, and that it lives and wants to live solely from his comfort and from his direction in the expectation of his appearance.

Follow unitedchurch on Twitter. At Barmen, this emerging “Confessing Church” adopted a declaration drafted by Reformed theologian Karl Barth and Lutheran theologian Hans Asmussen, which expressly repudiated the claim that other powers apart from Christ could be sources of God’s revelation.

It appeals to all concerned to return to unity in faith, hope and love. The pro-Nazi “German Christian” movement became a force in the church. The Confessing Synod of the German Evangelical Church declares that it sees in the acknowledgment of these truths and in the rejection of these errors the indispensable theological basis of the German Evangelical Church as a confederation of Confessing Churches.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me! The Word of God will last for ever. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I am the gate. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat It entreats all whom it concerns to return to the unity of faith, love, and hope.

In view of the errors of the “German Christians” and of the present Reich Church Administration, which are ravaging the Church and at the same time also shattering the unity of the German Evangelical Church, we confess the following evangelical truths:. We reject the false doctrine that beyond its special commission the Church should and could take on the nature, tasks and dignity which belong to the State and thus become itself an organ of the State.

Verbum Dei manet in aeternum. Indeed, by that statement, we can remain strong and standing.

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