Like any build tool (make, ant, jam), the OpenEmbedded build tool BitBake controls how to build things and the build dependencies. But unlike single project . bitbake tool. Contribute to openembedded/bitbake development by creating an account on GitHub. Contribute to openembedded/bitbake development by creating an account on GitHub. scottrifenbark and rpurdie bitbake-user-manual: Created unique tags for.

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Based on the generated list of providers and the dependency information, BitBake can now calculate exactly what tasks it needs to run and in what order it needs to run them. BitBake has a defined set of varflags available for recipes and classes.

Having a project directory is a good way to isolate your project. BitBake also sets this variable when a recipe is bitbakee executed to identify the recipe file.

For example, it is pointless to obtain a compiler if you already have the compiled binary. Contains the command to use when running a shell script in a fakeroot environment. To export it to the task environment of every running task, use a command similar to the following in your local configuration file local. Here are some examples: These types of customizations typically reside in a special layer, rather than a general layer, called a Board Specific Package BSP Layer.

This function is designed to be fast and returns a list of the tasks for which it believes in can obtain artifacts. You can use this variable in combination with task overrides to raise or lower priorities of specific tasks.


Handle inter-package dependencies build time on target architecture, build time on native architecture, and runtime. The execution process is launched using the following command form:.

For shell tasks, this turns out to be fairly easy because BitBake generates a “run” shell script for each task and it is possible to create a checksum that gives you a good idea of when the task’s data changes. Dependencies Internal to the. Regardless of the type of function, you can only define them in class.

The variables listed in this glossary are specific to BitBake. The precedence established through this variable stands regardless of a recipe’s version PV variable.

BitBake User Manual

After extraction of the tarball using the tar utility, you have a directory entitled bitbake Here is an example that names the directory bbdev: However, if it redefines the function, there is no means for it to call the class version of the function. The value you provide is passed to Python’s regular expression compiler.

The following example shows the layers needed for all variants of the netconfd-pro bitbaie. To view a copy of this license, visit http: The protocol over which to manua, with the cvs server. For more information on these variables, follow the links to the glossary.

Again, the incremental build solution contains code that first figures out the variable and function dependencies, and then creates a checksum for the data used as the input to the task. To build a different variant of the recipe with a minimal amount of code, it usually is as simple as adding the variable to your recipe.


While you might find it tempting to keep everything in one layer when working on a single project, the more modular you organize your metadata, the easier it is to cope with future changes. Enable a target platform. The expression is compared against the full paths to the files. Used to configure netconfd-pro-sdn boot-time parameters into OpenSSH. Here is an example that clones the BitBake repository: Anyone wishing to create a source mirror would want to enable this variable.

Bitbake Cheat Sheet

Marks the tasks as being empty and no execution required. Defines the mode used for how timestamps of stamp files are compared.

Set the variable as you would any environment variable and then run BitBake:. The variable D becomes “dvaladditional data”.

Sets the BitBake debug output level to a specific value as incremented by the -d command line option. The default value for this parameter is “0”.

The base path to create stamp files. The checksum or signature for a particular bibake needs to add the hashes of all the tasks on which the particular task depends. A common example would be the variable for the path of the build.