DATA: An 8” NB Schedule 80 pipe (see Fig. 1A) connects two equipment at nodes 10 and. 30 with an offset of 4′ (i.e., equal to distance between nodes 20 and. Input File: PDS Neutral File .n). Output File: CAEPIPE Model File .mod). PD2CAEPIPE™, the Plant Design-to-CAEPIPE Interface, is a stand-alone program for. CPTOPSTM User’s Manual. MANUALS/CPTOPS/man1/doc1. Issue December, CAEPIPE-to-PIPESTRESS. CPTOPSTM. User’s Manual. Server Version 7.

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By studying the previous Layout window, you will notice that even though node 50 seemsto be on the header node 10 to node 25it actually is not.

The sequence of this interface operation is shown diagrammatically in Figure Then, create as many pipe sections as the number of soils. This is contrary to the statement given in CAESAR II Technical Reference Manual, which states that the reducer element is assumed as 10 pipe cylinders, each of successively larger or smaller diameter and thickness over the length for calculating the weight. The benddialog is shown. Dynamic scaling makes it unnecessary for you to “Zoom All” every timeyou resize the window.

Friction at supports is considered in the dynamic analysis. Figure 1A — Layout After modeling this layout in CAEPIPE, upon analysis, you will find that the pipe between nodes 10 and caepiep grows thermally to the right towards node 20, while pipe between nodes 30 and 20 grows up towards node 20, as illustrated in Fig.

Failing to do so will affect the results and will lead to mismatch in the results between the software. Viewpoint F4 Viewpoint F4 Use this command to set the graphics viewpoint. The model consists of straight pipes, elbows, tees and flanges. Upon analysis, an API compressor compliancereport is produced. Input force spectrum loads at other nodes similarly. See Hanger Design Procedure on p. Figure 5D – Revised Layout with Node Numbers This mannual of pipe downstream caepioe not adversely increase the pressure drop between the tank at node 10 and the pumps at nodes and StiffnessThe stiffness may be rigid specified by typing the letter “r” in the stiffness fieldor somevalue or be left blank.


By default, a rigid anchor is entered i. It calculates displacements, forces, stresses, etc. Study Models To study and understand the way CAESAR II performs analysis for different types of elements under different loading conditions, 27 problems were modeled manually in-house with an increasing complexity.

Now, open the binary file.

You may hand calculate these values or use a simulation program such as a transient fluid flow program for fluid hammer analysis to get the variation offorces or moments with respect to time at different points in the piping system. A 12″ Std pipe 6 long is mmanual, 3 in cohesionless and 3 in cohesive soils.

When janual model is opened, the Graphics window shows the view of the model when themodel was last saved.

CAEPIPE Users Manual – [PDF Document]

The remaining commands are the same as before. The main function is to calculate automatically the offsets for a sloping element that isnot aligned along one of the major nanual axes. Pipe Rack using Beams p. The system is of welded construction.

To calculate response of the piping system, for each natural frequency of the piping system,the input spectrum is interpolated linearly or logarithmically.

The eigenvalue separationtheorem Sturm sequence property is used in this iteration. The maximum frequency you can input is Hz.


A hinge joint is input by typing “h” in the Type column or selecting “Hinge joint” from theElement Types dialog. By following one or more of the steps from a to d given above and steps e and f given below, such nozzle loads can be reduced.

The appropriate dialog is shown. From here, you can move the focus to the text window from which it came. Operating 0 temperature is C.

Thetwo nodes of the hinge joint are coincident. Seismic in both x and z directions. So, the pipe is buried 8 3 – caepipee deep into the soil.


After you make edits,you need to save the model and reanalyze. The Font command here sets the font for printing only, andthe one under the Options menu sets the font to use for Graphics display only as explainedon caepipw.

An elastic element is input by typing “e” in the Type column or selecting manua element”from the Element Types dialog.

Two flanges on both sides of the valve with weight Select the direction, units and force spectrum using the drop down combo boxes and inputappropriate scale factor. For FRP bends, a Flexibility factor of 1. The last used viewpoint, zoom level and area of the image are brought back into view. Number of HangersThe number of hangers is the number of separate hangers connected in parallel at thisnode. Let us see a few examples. Short radius bend at node and c.

For each spectrum, on the first line, type the Name of the spectrum up to 31 chars. In large diameter thin-wall bends, pressure can significantly affect the flexibility and SIF.

CAEPIPE Users Manual

The following illustration names thedifferent fields in the Layout window. A few consultants in caelipe US use stiffnesses in lb. Input the required stiffness values and press Enter or click on OK.

You could do your analysis in English unitsand present your results to your client in SI units with the click of a button. SelectSlope from the menu, ,anual these numbers into the X comp, Y comp and the Z compfields of the Slope dialog that opens up, and type the length, 10 ft. From the thermal deformation plot for this revised layout shown in Fig.