II y la catequesis: Con la Exhortacion Apostolica Catechesi tradendae . de la XXXII Asamblea Plenaria del Episcopado Espanol (Coleccion. Upcoming and On-Demand Catechetical and sacrament preparation webinars, presenting the teachings of the Catholic Church. Webinars available in Spanish. Exortação Apostólica «Catechesi Tradendae» ao Episcopado, João Paulo II. Published by Editorial A. O., Braga (). Used. Softcover. Quantity Available: 1.

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In situations of religious plurality, the Bishops can consider it opportune or even necessary to have certain experiences of collaboration in the field of catechesis between Catholics and other Christians, complementing the normal catechesis that must in any case be given to Catholics.

Let the communities dedicate as much as possible of what ability and means they have to the specific work of catechesis. Accept therefore what I say to you from my heart.

In cases where circumstances impose it, it is important that in addition a specifically Catholic catechesis should be ensured with all the greater care. In an Indifferent World L’Osservatore Romano, October 30,p.

The Planet Is Alive In any case, the method chosen must ultimately be referred to a law that is fundamental for the whole of the Church’s life: AAS 58 lpp. And I am pleased to evoke it in my turn at the beginning of these considerations on catechesis in the modern world.

In keeping with this, St. It must be restated that nobody in the Church of Jesus Christ should feel excused from receiving catechesis. Finally, it is important to reveal frankly the demands – demands that involve self-denial but also joy – made by what the Apostle Paul liked to call “newness of life,” eslaol “a new creation,” 70 being in Christ, 71 and “eternal life in Christ Jesus,” 72 which is the same thing as life in the world but lived in accordance with the beatitudes and called to an extension and transfiguration hereafter.

Catholic Church

And an attitude of faith always has reference to the faithfulness of God, who never fails to respond. But this is not all. For example, it is certain that many vocations to the priesthood and religious life have their origin during a well-imparted catechesis in infancy and adolescence.

The Adaptation of Catechesis for Young People The achievements caetchesi these spheres are such as to encourage the greatest hope.

Needless to say, this is not true catechesis. But they refuse to accept an impoverishment of catechesis through expaol renunciation or obscuring of its message, by adaptations, even in language, that would endanger the “precious deposit” of the faith, 97 or by concessions in matters of faith or morals.


De Catechizandis Rudibus, PL 40, An objective presentation of historical events, of the different religions and of the various Christian confessions can make a contribution here to better mutual understanding. The great movement, one certainly inspired by the Spirit of Jesus, that has for some years been causing the Catholic Church to seek with other Christian Churches or confessions the restoration of the perfect unity willed by the Lord, brings me to the question of the ecumenical character of catechesis.

When such views get the better of the – central message to be transmitted, to the point of obscuring it and putting it in second place or even using it to further their own ends, catechesis then becomes radically distorted. The one message – the Good News of salvation – that has been heard once or hundreds of times and has been accepted with the heart, is in catechesis probed unceasingly by reflection and systematic study, by awareness of its repercussions on one’s personal life – an awareness calling for ever greater tradendse – and by inserting it into an organic and harmonious whole, namely, Christian living in society and the world.

I would like to recall to all those who are working generously in the service of the Gospel, and to whom I have expressed here my lively encouragement, the instruction given by my venerated predecessor Paul VI: They must refuse to trouble the minds of the children and young people, at this stage of their catechesis, with outlandish theories, useless questions and unproductive rradendae, things that St.

In that home, the bread of good doctrine and the Eucharistic Bread are broken for them in abundance, in the setting of the one act of worship ; from that home they are sent out day by day to their apostolic mission in all the centers of activity of the life of the world. Catechesis and Life Experience The faith of these adults too should continually be tradendze, stimulated and renewed, so that it may pervade the temporal tradejdae in their charge.

The truths studied in catechesis are the same truths that touched the person’s heart when he heard them for the first time.

Mark’s the catechumen’s Gospel. Next comes puberty and adolescence, with all the greatness and dangers which that age brings. Because of their charge, pastors have, at catschesi levels, the chief responsibility for fostering, guiding and coordinating catechesis. Underlying most of these prayers and practices, besides elements that should be discarded, there are other elements which, if they were properly used, could serve very well to help people advance towards knowledge of the mystery of Christ and of His message: Whether you are in charge of a parish, or are chaplains to primary or secondary schools or universities, or have responsibility for pastoral activity at any level, or are leaders of large or small communities, especially youth groups, the Church expects you to neglect nothing with a view to a well-organized and well-oriented catechetical effort.


The primary and essential object of catechesis is, to use an expression dear to St. By using this site, you agree caechesi the Tradendwe of Use and Privacy Policy.

Christifideles laici – Wikipedia

Catechesis will always draw its content from the living source of the Word of God transmitted in Tradition and the Scriptures, for “sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture make up a single sacred deposit of the Word of God, which is entrusted to the Church,” as was recalled by the Second Vatican Council, which desired that “the ministry of the tradenfae – pastoral preaching, catechetics catecnesi all forms of Christian epaol.

The more es;aol Church, whether on the local or the universal level, gives catechesis priority over other works and undertakings the results of which would be more spectacular, the more she finds in catechesis a strengthening of her internal life as a community of believers and of her external activity as a missionary Church.

It is important also that the catechesis of children and young people, permanent catechesis, and the catechesis of adults should not be separate watertight compartments. Catechesis will have an ecumenical dimension if, in addition, it creates and fosters a true desire for unity. By becoming part of them in the right way, it will achieve catechhesi diversity and complementarity of approach that will enable it to develop all the riches of its concept, with its three dimensions of word, memorial and witness-doctrine, celebration and commitment in living – which the synod Message to the People tradendaae God emphasized.

Do not, for lack of zeal or because of some unfortunate preconceived idea, leave the faithful without catechesis. The Spirit is thus promised to the Church and to each Christian as a teacher within, who, in the secret of the conscience and the heart, makes one understand what one has heard but was not capable of grasping: