Bursting with drama, heartbreak and horror, this extraordinary family portrait mirrors China’s century of turbulence. Chang’s grandmother, Yu-fang, had her feet. Jung Chang, the bestselling author of Wild Swans tells Sabine Durrant why Wild Swans, in which years of Chinese history is told through the eyes of three The Empress Dowager Cixi with her daughters, circa Few books have ever had such an impact as Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China. Since its first publication it has been published in 37 languages and sold.

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Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China

How far could Chinese patriarchy go in the early twentieth century to make the lives of women sheer humiliation and misery? View all 7 comments. It is beyond belief. Listen to this Podcast with the author about this book. Chang’s mother traveled on foot because of her rank, while her father rode in a Jeep. We move from the portrait of a concubine with bound feet to a woman who worked alongside her Communist Party husband to bring Party ideals to fruition, then on to the granddaughter who is among the first of her generation to be allowed to leave the country to study.

This book for many years ahead will be invaluable to anyone wishing to understand the turmoil that China went through in the 20th century.

Jan 07, Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: She does a marvellous job describing the panic cgang unpredictability of the early Cultural Revolution, when absolutely everybody could be denounced at the drop of a hat, and when pettiness and lust for power reigned. Feb 26, Kavita rated it it was amazing Shelves: While this book is a memoir of one single family, Chang makes the attempt to weave in the broader political and historical issues of the times wherever appropriate.


Jung Chang

I completely followed it despite my absolute dearth of turee on the subject of China. In the end, I was not satisfied. Recommended to Trina by: Was Mao an obvious successor to Wild Swans?

It is a book you can and should read regardless of your prior knowledge and is suitable for anyone who can stomach the descriptions of torture and violence that took place at the time. His complete lack of ideological belief underpins the book: Three Daughters of China.

Nevertheless, this is an insightful, accessible and enjoyable book. In Jinzhou, the author says, the Communists were perceived as innovators who would make the lives of the people better. To ask other readers questions about Wild Swansplease sign up. Chang recalls that her father deteriorated physically and mentally, until his eventual death. But, late is better than never, thrde I’m so glad to have read the book now.

Jung Chang interview: why I’m still banned in China – Telegraph

After her graduation and a stint as an assistant lecturer, she won a scholarship to study in England and left for her new home. Chang’s father became a target for the Red Guards when he mildly but openly criticised Mao due to the suffering caused to the Chinese people by the Cultural Revolution. Brutality and hypocrisy of various kinds are described, but it’s some of the subtler hardships that were especially vivid. I laid it aside many times.

Beauty, she continues, is important to her. In fact, it was banned when it was published in Who authorized permission to marry, and how did this differ from in junf past?

By the time the Cultural Revolution rolls around the corner, you feel such admiration for him that you’d personally drag him away from the wi,d and beatings he receives for sticking to his guns if you could, to prevent him having to experience that loss of faith and dreams thtee is bound to follow.


How did labeling individuals as “counterrevolutionaries” affect families? The couple were soon daugjters but Communist Party dictates meant they were not allowed to spend much time together. Its vivid details could have been mesmerizingly engaging, heart-breaking, and eye-opening.

The third is her grandmother, who was married off as a concubine to a warlord as a girl and lived to see her family suffer for this unfortunate connection again and again. Published August 12th by Touchstone first published The necklaces burning tires around ‘an enemy of the revolution’s neckwas rampantly used to kill very often innocent people.

But how can you not feel.? The Empress Dowager was the same. Siempre que alguien piensa en el “gran villano” se acuerda de Hitler o Stalin pero todos olvidamos a Mao They are getting teams to dig it out — corrupt people fighting corrupt people; whereas the real method to deal with corruption is to have an open media. Expropriation of land was part of the plan. You stop officials from wrongdoing when they feel the people are watching. It will probably change our view points of the social issues in our contemporary era.

Her father’s status sometimes allowed her family certain privileges, but these could be snatched away at any moment.