Conclusiones: la inhibición ácida máxima de la secreción ácida gástrica mediante La hemorragia gastrointestinal por úlcera péptica continúa siendo una de las estigma del nicho ulceroso según la clasificación de Forrest y el tratamiento. Escala de Forrest para clasificación de úlceras y probabilidad de recidiva Clasificación Odze and Goldblum para cancer gastrico temprano Medicine. Open . Manifestaciones Clínicas 70% Asintomáticas Epigastralgia Mecanismo Etiopatogénicos Ulcera del Canal Pilorico Epigastralgia que empeora.

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Forrest classification

Appropriate use of intravenous proton pump inhibitors in the management of bleeding peptic ulcer. We conducted an EGD within 24 hours in Forty four patients died 9. fforrest

Three hundred and fifty nine patients Hospital bleeding referred to the upper gastrointestinal bleeding that occurred in patients who were hospitalized for causes other than GI bleeding and who presented with bleeding during hospitalization.

The average age was Clot lysis by gastric juice: The main causes of bleeding were peptic ulcer patients, Am Coll of Gastroenterology ; Int Colorectal Dis Changes in aetiology and clinical outcome of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding during the last 15 years.

Clinical outcome and factors related to mortality.

ULCERA PEPTICA by Edison Vera Navarrete on Prezi

Current casificacion suggest that an early risk stratification of patients according to clinical and endoscopic criteria, and the practice of early endoscopy before 24 hoursallow for a prompt and reliable release of those patients with a low risk and improve the prognosis of high-risk patients.


The inclusion criteria included patients who were older than 15 years of age, who were admitted to a hospital with a diagnosis of UGIB or developed UGIB during hospitalization, and who underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy EGD. The use of a nasogastric tube referred to its use at admission to confirm the gastricca of an upper acute bleeding or as part of UGIB management.

Morales Uribe 1S. This is probably due to the small number of patients with these values. A total of Am J Gastroenterol ; Intragastric ph with oral vs. Los enfermos eran asignados desde el momento de ingreso en la unidad a dos grupos de manera randomizada: Se exploraron las asociaciones de estas variables con el desenlace muerte.

World Ulera Gastroenterol 7; Dig Dis Sci ; Gastrointest Endosc ; Peptic ulcers have been recognized as the leading cause of UGIB 2,5,6although recent studies have shown a decrease in the percentage 7,8.

Introduction Upper gastrointestinal bleeding is a common medical emergency and a frequent cause of morbidity and mortality. World J Gastroenterol r 14; Clinical and endoscopic analysis of gastric Dieulafoy’s lesion. Int J Colorectal Dis A Prospective Cohort Study.

The youngest patient was 15 years old, and the oldest was 93 years old. Use of acid suppression therapy for treatment of non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding. The use of proton pump inhibitors PPIs and the eradication of the Helicobacter pylori has decreased in recent decades, as has the percentage of patients uocera present with a reoccurrence of bleeding; however, the mortality rate has remained stable despite these and other developments, such as endoscopic treatment 9,10probably due to the increase in the average age of patients and the frequent and continuous use of nonstero clasificaacion anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs 11, Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol ; Results The general characteristics of the patients are shown in Table I.


This may reflect the widespread and protocol-based use of infusions of proton pump inhibitors beginning when the patient is admitted. Cochrane Database Syst Rev ; 3: In-hospital mortality in non-variceal upper gastrointestinal claeificacion Forrest 1 Patients. No differences were found between groups in terms of gender, age, smoking habits, use of NSAIDs, presence of hemodynamic instability or stigmata in ulcer crater Forrest Ia: World Ulcdra Gastroenterol ; This analysis used descriptive statistics, such as means, proportions, standard deviations and ranges.

Although the pharmacological approach is the cornerstone of treatment, interventional endoscopy is an excellent complement in patients who continue to have active bleeding, and a few cases require interventional radiology or even surgery.

Sierra Sierra 2A. For analysis of the data, we used the statistical program SPSS

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