NET Web Application in VB , I made a webform that uses Crystal Reports, the CrystalReportViewer control has PrintMode property, default. Gets or sets the print mode to print the report. Namespace Assembly (). Is there an online site that has sample reports that I could see directly. We are having trouble printing and I would like to see a web site with.

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Is there an online site that has sample reports that I could see directly. Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Retired.

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My question is this: I’ve tried manually installing the ActiveX control from the correct. Wednesday, November 9, 5: Here is the current setup: I found this page had a number of options for problems that I think are very similar to crysstalreportviewer. Net application and related services are x It describes all the benefits of RAS and then says ‘this product is no longer available’.

Oh, and Keith, if you don’t know the answer, quit marking all your posts as “Answer”.

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This product is no longer available. The settings for the application pool in IIS on the other server are set to allow 32 bit applications.

Its bad idea to store entire report in session if you are receiving lot printtmode user requests. Your page load should look something like this:. I’m saying to avoid it altogether and make Crystzlreportviewer broswers use Pdf mode. An unmanaged RAS server is no longer available as an upgrade option. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Remove From My Forums.


Hopefully this post helps anyone else facing the same problem.

Microsoft JScript runtime error: I’ve tried adding my own print button and a drop down list with a list of available printers. Printing will peintmode stopped. In our environment several times per day, we need to produce hard copies of reports for legal reasons.

The error happens regardless of running it from the IDE or from a set up website on a separate server.

This is what it looks like in the page source: A Crystal Reports viewer is set up on a page. Net web application is using. Helpful Answer by Ludek Uher. It is being viewed in Internet Explorer 8. Sign in to vote. I’ve tried doing the following things, none of which have worked: Do you know that it does not have any specifics on utilizing the activex control and that it only refers to it in passing?

Crystal Report Active X Print Mode

Here is the current setup:. Correct, other non-activeX browsers will use Pdf mode even if it’s set to ActiveX mode.

Former Member December 16, at This made no difference in any of the scenarios. I’ll post an update once I manage to get the others working with some code samples. It ended up being a lot simpler of a fix than what I was thinking: Monday, September 5, This same error happens more than one machine. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me. Maybe I misunderstood what you are saying, but even though I may have reports with a PrintMode of ActiveX, I can still use other browsers.


I mean he might as well have posted “This really doesn’t cover ActiveX and printing, but www. All of the examples in the referenced document utilize either pdf output, server side printing, or html output. In the solution that uses the unmanaged Report Application Server RASthe report engine is extracted into a separate server process.

I was getting the titled ‘bobj is undefined’ error, but all it really comes down to is that IIS can’t find a proper path to the JS files for Crystal. Sign up using Email and Password. I’ve been beating my head printmoed this for at least a day now, and I’m fresh out of ideas.

PrintMode in CrystalReportViewer | The Forums

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Retired https: Also make sure you are properly disposing prlntmode Crystal Report Document, otherwise it may start giving “Load Report Failed” error. Sign up using Facebook. The report data source is being set by a call to a WCF service. I’ve tried checking the ActiveX settings on Internet Explorer 8, and none of them should be a problem everything is either set to allow or prompt.