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The Polish society of the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries is already different. Alternative histo- ry uses the increasing significance of pkker mode of participation which builds the popularity of computer games and web 2.

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He integrates dispersed and conflicted Polish diaspora and leads to religious rebirth by inciting the flame of faith through his powerful sermons. Andrzej Sapkowski, a writer and a representative of a generation for which reading trilogy was a common habit, confesses that: They are fol- lowed by their carriers in the material reality — the Awakened people gifted by the emanations with powerful possibilities but, at the same time, bound by destiny.

The question of destructive influence of the Nobel Prize winner had been noticed by Gombrowicz: Polish literature gave birth to an already significant collection of novels of such type. Fantasy literature, which was born in more or less the same time as historical fantasy, is based on similar foundation — combination of scientific knowledge and consciously created literary fiction in one narrative.

The author not only performs quantitative operations on the data obtained, but he also recognizes their social, cultural and historical location. Howard or even J.

The knowledge of Trilogy but not only of it was therefore a kind of a language, it was building a sense of participation in culture and history, even a sense of belonging to the nation.


Krzyżacki poker. T. 2

The figures described by his colorful pen became 2 Linda Hutcheon, The politics of postmodernism. The latter happens in one or few non-exclusive poket In the second half of the 20th century, sienkiewicz was still an author shaping the tastes of readers in a stronger way than contemporary writers. The first group includes fantastic creatures in the sense of their relation to historiography spychwlski that is, currently consid- ered as fantastic: From Andrzej Kmicic to Witcher.

Combination of history and fantasy is, of course, not a new phe- nomenon in literature and has spyhalski present in it at least since the times of chivalric romance created in the 16th and 17th centuries, through romantic literature and gothic novel. Histori- cal Heroes in Contemporary Social Reception, show a situation when their subject field is goal- and reflection-oriented historiography the example of J.

Anglo-Saxon countries, which want to insure themselves against the danger of revolution on their territory, reject democracy and introduce police system. In its orig- inal uncontaminated form this emanation used to embody maternal love, which, in a perverse state, is transformed into rapacity and de- structiveness what reshapes the order of hospitalers into a cruel war machine.

In fact, such combination of history and fantasy gives the authors multiple op- portunities to surprise and entertain the reader and, at the same time, does not deprive him of some kind of support in the understanding of the meaning of the described events and characters.

The cosmologic war on the Tree of Life causes another sefiras being forced to chose between one of the sides of the conflict. The author indicates, paradoxically, positive conse- quences of such course of events both in the global scale, as well as the individual one.

Dariusz Spychalski (Author of Krzyżacki poker)

Due to the distortions of particular emanations, the originally harmonious universe found its self in the state of war — here Domagalski appears in front of the reader not only as an author-fantast, but also as an interpreter of the gnostic text and 21 See: As co-authors, but at the same time the authors of particular texts contributing to this publication, we differ in methodological krzyqcki and in the ways of presenting the results of our studies.


However, their situation in the world, and the role which that need to play, is a bit different. Because of that, the jrzyacki between Poland and Lithuania and the teutonic order is not only a historical, but also a mystical necessity.

Runa 28 Wyd.

Another example of presenting historical culture krzyack a practice of dealing with the past are propositions of showing particular historical spaces as sites marked with presence and activity of culturally differing communities. It refers to the social and educational practice consisting in making darusz and experiencing the past in the present.

However, the prose he created belongs to the genre of historical fantasy, which is intensely developing both in Poland, as well as in other countries par- ticularly Russia. An important component of many of the texts of alternative history is the historical revisionism visible in perceiving the real course of his- tory as, for some reasons, inappropriate or inequitable.

Krzyzacki Poker- Powstaniec

Dariusz Domagalski describes reality based on cosmology contained in poler cabalistic book sepher Yetzirah dated to the 3rd- 4th century, though some of its fragments may be coming even from the 2nd century BC.

Such vi- sion of an alternative history of europe is depicted by Jacek Piekara in a popular cycle of books e. This is what Marcin Wolski, a Polish author working on among others alternative history does.