David Hatcher Childress. · Rating details · ratings · 39 reviews. Popular Lost Cities author David Childress opens the door to the amazing world of. OG YAZILI-CESE. ODSALG. CREDIBLE SCIENC. OF THE ANCIENTS. OD. DAVID HATCHER CHILDRESS. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients. Front Cover · David Hatcher Childress. Adventures Unlimited Press, – History – pages .

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There is work from years ago to the end of the last century BC. I This book isn’t about mainstream archeology, its about the many questions people have about human history. If you want stupidity, just watch “President” Trump, a. Nov 25, Ashwin rated it really liked it.

An open minded view of the mysteries and conspiracies of ancient history. The original ‘Indiana Jones’ continues to investigate lost cities and ancient mysteries around the world; while also appearing on ‘Ancient Aliens’ on History Channel.

Lots of compelling ideas to contemplate. How would they have survived the lack of atmosphere? Yes they were as advanced as we are or even more so, but highly advanced civilizations crash hard.

Mar 06, Riobhcah rated it really liked it Shelves: Getting practicalities out of the way, The Reader, in voice, pace, and interpretation was just excellent.

Technology of the Gods : The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients

Stephen Bel Davies Length: So embrace the fact we know nothing and enjoy every discovery and theory. Lists with This Book. I read this because of the History series Ancient Aliens. Tecchnology would recommend this read to those that are very curious about our ancient world history. In addition, Knight and Butler discovered that the Moon possesses few or no heavy metals and has yods core – something that should not be possible.


Technology of the Gods : David Hatcher Childress :

Oh and for my Space Operations guys, “one day too new is bad, but older is better. Sometimes over the top on theories. Childress himself has authored and co-authored over a dozen books, from his first in to his most recent in hatche Raymond Bernard PhD Tschnology by: He is a bit short on his explanation of time-frames and in general, proof of any kind of his really weird claims.

It gave me many flashbacks to Stargate SG-1, which deals with many of these topics in dramatic narrative, e.

Firstly, the editor or proofreader didn’t check to make sure that paragraphs weren’t repeated, or even partially repeated, on the adjacent page. The editor could have done better. His own works primarily concentrate on lost cities such as Atlantis and Lemuriapole shiftsthe hollow earthpre-Columbian trans-oceanic contactsuppressed technology [1]Nikola Teslafree energyUFOs and ancient astronautsanti-gravityvimana aircraft, and secret societies [1] including the Knights Templar.

When this work was first published init shredded the then-trendy nuts-and-bolts extraterrestrial hypothesis for UFOs in favor of one that linked UFOs to a variety of paranormal and supernatural phenomena that have taken place throughout history.

The correlation between goodness and whiteness is thus obvious in Childress’s formulation and in much else that has been written about Atlantis. I’ll be searching for more from this scholar!

His works often cover such subjects as pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact, the Knights Templar, lost cities and vimana aircraft. Book ratings by Goodreads. May 14, Ed Mortensen rated it liked it. Who Built the Moon?


Childress looks at the technology that was allegedly used in Atlantis and the theory that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was originally a gigantic power station. I just didn’t like the author’s writing.

Rationale remained fact-based against many of the pre-existing brute force theories for davix accomplishments of our ancient ancestors. David Childress makes some interesting points, however, I have some issues with this book.

What I like about Childress writing is that he abstains from making absolute statements on his various theories and speculations on ancient world technology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jun 10, Sharon rated it really liked it.

Technplogy posits a technological civilization existed before the ‘fire and brimstone’ hit the Earth. Read, highlight, and take davld, across web, tablet, and phone. Typos throughout and some bad grammar.

Childress never ceases batcher disappoint. I had heard this book was a bit slow, and in some places it is, but I still enjoyed it all the same. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Says Russia has been trying to punch holes in ozone layer to fry people with controlled UV rays and claims that the moon has volcanoes that cause glass rocks to be found in the desert Childress also uncovers Popular Lost Cities author David Childress opens the door to the amazing world of ancient technology, from the computers of the ancient world to the “flying machines of the gods.