What is the canon for the creation of Anauroch? According to Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed set (TSR , published in ), what is. Anauroch (Ah-nor-ach) is a barren wasteland that has grown to split the north of Faerûn into eastern and western halves. Also known as the Great Desert or the. Anauroch, The Empire of Shade (D&D module).jpg undo the Weave and replace it with the Shadow Weave, causing the Great Desert of Anauroch to change.

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The old ways will return to Anauroch.

The northern routes across the High Ice are plagued by monsters too numerous to fight, and the southern routes are bedeviled by humanoid raiders and subject to interference from the Dales and Cormyr. Only the most learned scholars know that the race of evil creatures known as the phaerimms were imprisoned in a magical bubble beneath the Great Desert. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. What does this get us? A change in the atmosphere over that area resulting from the insane magic the Netherese were using towards the end, making the sun hotter locally 3.

Yes, the phaerimm had already drained it and it had become bare. Edited by – Markustay on 07 Mar These had devastating effects:. After years of painstaking effort the Zhentarim have created a caravan route via oases in the Swordthe sandy southern portion of Anauroch.

In the current time, RAS describes it becoming a desert again and Mielikki–a goddess of forests–being pleased with that for whatever effin’ reasonthe SCAG does that too. Personally I think he was Dire penguin, but whatever.

Anauroch (accessory) – Wikipedia

They had the flying ships already – its a perfect fit. And while I am on the subject, they should have kept Chult separated anwuroch the mainland, another of the 4e decisions I was on board with. A lifedrain cannot be affected by dispel magic or water magics: One of my major 3e campaigns was centered in Halruua, and I saw the “boom” of Halruua as a logical yet unfortunate extension of the events of that campaign TomCosta Forgotten Realms Designer.


Within the ninth century of the foundation of the Netherese kingdom, they had already managed to anaurpch the first floating cities. Tales are told of Phaerimm drying off wet slaves and items by conveying them d&f a bath through a lifedrain sphere. Well, when those regions return from Abeir, they are the “Fallen Kingdoms” or “embattled kingdoms” of Samarach, Thindol, and Tashluta. Shade aanuroch for the Bedine Population: So the Anauroch as we know it is split into four areas: Either explanation would see the melting the High Ice ceasing with the fall of Shade, plus the end of any fertility magic they were working, so maybe an enduring enchantment isn’t necessary to explain the rapid reversal.

No explanation is given, but maybe Shade’s magic was keeping the land fertile, and with that gone it turned back to its previous state although that would have happened damn fast.

I guess once they stopped doing that, the desert came back, although the desert itself was artificial so go figure. I’m not really up on my Netheril lore, but wasn’t the whole point of the Anauroch is that powerful magic affected the area?

The original castings have likely faded away by now; I’m assuming the phaerimm wouldn’t have continued to cast the spell after Netheril fell. About forty miles east of the ruined city Ascore on the northwestern border of the desert, another abandoned city rises from the sands. Theories held that he anaurodh have become bitter and become At’ar, though in truth after a millenia of dying he was exiled to the Astral Plane.

So it would have to be something thats only been there since Netheril fell But I still want to explain the hot desert, and that link by Cattie-Brie of the “return” of Amaunator to the desert sands and the old ways of the Bedine is just too juicy to pass up. However, my guess is he hasn’t answered prayers to At’ar in this period – after all, At’ar is merely a nonsense made up from encountered artifacts by the Bedine after their post-Netheril arrival – At’ar never answered prayers.


The Bedine were left alone in their desert home for many years, since few invaders could tolerate Anauroch’s wrath.

Anauroch (1372)

In other words, there is still a residual effect forcing it to stay an abnormally hot and desolate place. It’s trying to be a twofer region and it just doesn’t jibe with itself. Livestock, wooden goods Exports: They are divided into a dozen or so minor tribes lead by sheiks, whose wealth is measured not by gold, but by the size and well-being of their herd.

Irennan Great Reader Italy Posts. Luckily for them, in the years leading up to the spellplague all 3 had become new Thayan trade enclave sites and they had portals anauuroch remained intact despite the transfer to Balduran Bay Enclave anautoch Fort Flame’s Thayan trade enclave.

Divinations concerning the outcome of the battle yield nothing but shadows. Characters anauuroch they realise are like – what the hell – and it’s an excuse for them to learn about some Netherese lore!

Anauroch: The Empire of Shade – Wikipedia

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: What if Amaunator, as one of his last actions, called down a curse of the sun upon his unfaithful, and as a result the sun beats down hotter on the Sword of the Anauroch. So, now these kingdoms can be remade. The vast expanse of Anauroch. Hlaungadath is one of the three floating cities that Mystra saved during the destruction of Netheril. The drow in the War of the Spider Queen series of novels arrive here by means of a portal.