The twelve leverage points to intervene in a system were proposed by Donella Meadows, a scientist and system analyst focused on environmental limits to. Another important earlier publication by Donella Meadows introduces you to “ Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System” is also well. immense interest to anyone seeking to affect change within our interconnected ecological, social and economic systems. – Donella Meadows, Leverage Points.

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These parameters are indeed very important. The service charge the bank extracts from your account.

A Visual Approach to Leverage Points – The Donella Meadows Project

The size of the flows is a matter of numbers and how quickly those numbers can be changed. The system begins to get complex, and realistic, and interesting.

The REAL leverage here is to keep them from doing it. If the impact increases in strength, the feedbacks have to be strengthened too. For biological evolution the raw material is DNA, one source of variety is spontaneous mutation, and the testing mechanism is something like punctuated Darwinian selection.

The conference is inspired by the seminal essay by Donella Meadows on Leverage Points: Thomas Kuhn, who wrote the seminal book about the great paradigm shifts of science, has a lot to say about that. Very simple so far. Thou shalt not kill.


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The president serves four-year terms and cannot serve more than odnella of them. The strength of the gain of driving loops 6. Not only population growth, but economic growth.

The wildly varied stock of DNA, evolved and accumulated over billions of years, is the source of evolutionary potential, just as science libraries and labs and universities where scientists train are the source of technological potential. Many today see Nature as a stock of resources to be leveage to human purpose.

Information received too quickly or too late can cause over- or underreaction, even oscillations. At the extreme they cause chaos.

The Solutions Journal

The death rate will rise to equal the birth rate — or people will see the consequences of unchecked population growth and have fewer babies. The Problem The Gulf of Mexico set a record in Any balancing feedback loop needs a goal the thermostat settinga monitoring and signaling device to detect deviation from the goal the thermostatand a response mechanism the furnace or air conditioner, fans, pumps, pipes, and fuel.

As systems become complex, their behavior can become surprising. It reacts too slowly.

Twelve leverage points

Constitutions are the strongest examples of social rules. Those delays make it impossible to build exactly the right number of power plants to supply changing demand for electricity.

These considerations are a matter of numbers, some of which are physically locked in and unchangeable, but most of which are popular intervention points. Meadows indicates paradigms might be changed by repeatedly and consistently pointing out anomalies and failures in the current paradigm to those with open minds. One can argue, and I would, that larger system changes and the rise of corporate power over government let him get away with that.


If these loops are in balance, the fish population will remain stable. One of the most heartbreaking ways we do this is in encroaching on the habitats of endangered species. Transcending paradigms may go beyond challenging fundamental assumptions, into the realm of changing the values and priorities that lead to the assumptions, and being able to choose among value sets at will.

Usually a negative loop will kick in sooner or later. But, in fact, everyone who has managed to entertain that idea, for a moment or for a lifetime, has found it to be the basis for radical empowerment.

Think about your checking account. If we let him do energy retrofits on all the buildings of the nation,we could shut down at least half of our electric power plants.

Sometimes there are leverage points here.