Source from the Dream Girls script © Tom Eyen and John F. Breglio and an out of town tryout in Boston, Dreamgirls came to Broadway in and was. Read the Dreamgirls full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Movie Scripts > Dreamgirls () .. It’s strictly pay-for-play with those boys. That takes . Dreamgirls Script (Message Board) Having seen the original Broadway production countless of times (including the original version BEFORE.

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Hey, Curtis, this is supposed to be your night, right? That’s why we went ahead and recorded it first. You’re breaking us up ’cause you don’t want me with Jimmy.

I assume you guys have a reason for barging in here other than to insult me. Well, actually, I was raised by my older sisters, and they were just as real as you are. You can take everything I have! And that very lucky, very talented star of tomorrow is Mr Tiny Joe Dixon! For the old days? Yeah, but what about Holiday?


Ladies and gentlemen, presenting The Dreams.

Origin Theatrical | Dreamgirls

Deena Jones has conquered the worlds of dreamglrls and television. You can’t even take a shit and wipe your own ass unless I say it’s okay. Well, maybe they’ll be more interested after we play the Copa. Let’s hit it, boys. I’m a woman now. Are you defending this car salesman, Jimmy? Mr Early, you’re so crazy. On stage Effie had her “I Musicxl Changing” moment in Act 2, then disappears till almost the end of the show.

Dreamgirls Script

It’s exactly the kind of movie I should be making. I said, cool it, Effie This time you’ve gone too far Oh, I can go further! You think them honkies are gonna wait around while you try to drag me into court? Lightning was in glitter.

I do have the Concert CD, and if that’s pretty much it, then I’ll have to take another listen. Yeah, she’s a mature woman, like me, and scritp loves Jimmy just as much as I love Curtis.


Listen, I don’t want those men handling you, because they don’t know how.

If you ever need some help, just give me a call. On stage her relationship with C. Who was the first one to fall down and start screaming? But I went to the doctor, and I am feeling much better now.

It tells the truth. Musicaal want him, brother? And what about these dresses? Where’s our dressing room? Magic, come on, baby. She’s 16 years old for most of the movie.

Tell me, what have I done? I know how much time you’ve invested in this movie. Well, was she one of those teeny little tweety-birds like little Miss Deena here?

Effie, do it for me. Or do you prefer a real woman?