Emma Zunz On January 14, , when Emma Zunz returned home from the Nine or ten smudgy lines covered almost the entire piece of paper; Emma read. Known for creating complex stories full of irony and psychological puzzles; The short story “Emma Zunz” is based on the plot of a transcript draft. Returning home from the Tarbuch and Loewenthal textile mills on the 14th of January, , Emma Zunz discovered in the rear of the entrance.

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You’re very welcome, Sarah! Thanks so much for the translation!

“Emma Zunz” by Julia Skoczylas on Prezi

She thought that the final step would be less horrible than the first and that it would doubtlessly afford englisb the taste of victory and justice. Thanks so much, this helped a ton! He abused me, 1 killed him.

Reader Comments Thank you so much for this really good translation! She did not sleep that night and when the first light of dawn defined the rectangle of the window, her plan was already perfected. She had revealed it to no one, not even to her best friend, Elsa Urstein. She rode through the diminishing opaque suburbs, seeing them and forgetting them at the same instant, and got off on one of the side streets of Warnes. Aaron Loewenthal was, according to everybody, a serious and reliable man; but his few intimates knew him as greedy.

Hands down one of the most influential writers of all time. I just want to thank you for a xunz translation; it cleared this story up infinitely. Impatience it was, not uneasiness, and the special relief of it being that day at last.


Emma Zunz by Jacqueline Tris

Ripley film The Talented Mr. She retrieved the paper and went to her room. Thank you so much! April 22, alexia. Suddenly, alarmed, she got up and ran to the dresser drawer.

Then she took the phone and repeated what she would repeat so many times, with these and other words: In this way, laborious and trivial, Friday the fifteenth, the day before, elapsed. March 2, rowan. An excellent translation of Borges’ work. Her goal becomes to kill Loewenthal because of all the pain and suffering he has brought on to her and her father. She no longer had to plot and imagine: October 15, deeblog.

With Elsa and with the youngest of the Kronfuss girls she discussed what movie they would go to Sunday afternoon. He took advantage of me and I killed him.

In April she would be nineteen years old, but men inspired in her, still, an almost pathological fear. Dave, thank you very much for your nice comments!

Something incredible has happened. At the factory there were rumors of a strike. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Emma had guarded this secret since Once she was alone, Emma did not immediately open her eyes. The grave events were outside of time; and for that reason, the immediate past remains cut from the future; and for that reason, the parts that form the events do not seem consecutive.


He saw her push the iron gate which he had left open for her and cross the gloomy patio.

Perhaps she was evading profane incredulity; perhaps she believed that her secret was a link between her and her absent father. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Even fish do it — Male fish trick rivals when mating. She had revealed it to no one, not even to her best friend, Elsa Urstein. High praise, EllJee, you are too kind!

January 8, Daniela. She got that day, which to her seemed interminable, to be like the others. April 5, deeblog. January 14, deeblog. In the growing darkness, Emma wept until the end of that day for the suicide of Manuel Maier, who in the old happy days was Emmanuel Zunz. They signed in; she had to spell and repeat her name and surname and pretend to enjoy the vulgar jokes which accompanied englixh review. This story went totally over my head in spanish.

He had mourned with gravity, the year before, the unexpected death of his wife znz a Gauss who had brought him a fine dowry — but money was his real passion. November 3, me. She violates herself by prostituting herself to someone she did not know.