May 7, Before her death on October 16, , Nwapa said in an interview that she used Efuru to explore how women are treated in the society. Having. Efuru has ratings and 43 reviews. Paul said: Published in , this apparently was the first book written by a Nigerian woman to be published (this. Apr 29, When Nigerian writer Flora Nwapa published her debut novel Efuru in , it marked the beginning of a women’s literary revolution in Africa.

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Efuru is every woman who has loved a man as a partner and friend, but had him torn away by greed, gossip, and jealousy. Why then did the women worship efjru

Efuru – Wikipedia

She is of the Igbo and her own nature is her saviour. Aug 20, Jez rated it it was amazing. Everyone that comes to greet and console her encourages her that she will soon remarry. But I’ll try not to digress. For these reasons we must continue to honour her feminist legacy and, in so doing, reclaim the term for African women.

Because of his acute poverty, he has to pawn one of his children. This seems to relieve Efuru a bit although she occasionally feels sad, especially when she remembers her plight. Flora Nwapa’s text is a pioneering example of female African literature.


Flora Nwapa and the African woman’s struggle to identify as feminist

Plot Summary Efuru, a young woman in her early twenties falls in love with Adizua who is too poor to pay her bride price. Nwaps usually happens when two old friends meet as we see in this chapter. Efuru sets not only a feminist example through her independence, but she is also a symbol of survival and independence from a Colonial empire. Perhaps this is why Efuru has to settle down with another man after she has been abandoned by Adizua. Views Nsapa Edit View history.

Flora Nwapa | Nigerian author |

eufru Efuru Flora Nwapa Snippet view – Worth the read if you are not easily bothered. Simple, so so so simple sentences almost killed me at the first, but then I used to them and learned to like them. Want it from a woman’s perspective? Many men are like this. Aug 03, Cheryl rated it really liked it Recommends it for: After they have made enough money, Efuru suggests that her husband should go to her father to pay her bride price.

Flora Nwapa

Flor of overwork, he develops appendicitis which threatens his life. Since she knows that any good relationship has to do with faithfulness and mutual respect, she tries her best to show same to her husbands who incidentally do not reciprocate her. Chapter One Efuru meets a young man, Adizua who proposes marriage to her but has no money for her bride price.


Again we see Efuru as a symbol of change and women emancipation. Speaking at a conference nnwapa Nigeria before her death inshe said: I want to start reading my books. Like Efuru who becomes a victim of one-sided love, Nwabata no doubt loves her husband more than he loves her.

Efru is also unable to have children with her second husband, Gilbert, efur leads to tensions. Apart from these two instances of physical acts of sacrifice, Efuru is seen sacrificing all she has to make her two marriages work and when they fail to work, she has to sacrifice her life to serve the Uhamiri, the Goddess of the Great Lake. Efusu muses at the story’s end that the lady of bwapa lake has never married nor had children, but still, the women of the community worship her.

Rather than give women children, Uhamiri instead grants what she has: She is a very successful business woman. This dream signifies the beginning of her worship of Uhamiri.

Efuru’s Ablities in Business.