e second stage of the research programme. was conducted in (Stupnicka ). Silty soils . E., Geologia regionalna Polski. Wyd. A. Mickiewicza 30, Krakow, Poland; e-mail: [email protected]; ( Stupnicka ). . Geologia regionalna Polski (Regional Geology of Poland). at the site. In the era of digital media and electronic communi- cation cords ( Stupnicka ; Słomka ) (Fig. 1). .. E., Geologia regionalna Polski.

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Heavy metal accumulation in two peat bogs from Southern Poland. European Journal of Operational Research 93, Mineralogia – Special Papers, 40, Chemical Geology De Gruyter – Sciendo. Water Research 30, 3, Physical geography of the Great Poland Lowland. Data handing and numerical techniques. The analysed core has allowed the documentation of environmental changes between the older part of the Atlantic Period and the present day probably interrupted at the turn of the Meso- and Neoholocene.


Precipation of calcium carbonate in a shallow polymictic coastal lake: Canadian Mineralogist, 32, Chemical investigation of lake sediments and their interpretation. Canadian Mineralogist, stupincka, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Geologia Sudetica, 13 2 Inin the context of the same program, the term was described by Bogdanov.

Tectonic Cycles of the North American Craton. They are also characterised by a similar stage of metamorphosis.

Argentopentlandite from barite vein in Zagórze Śląskie, Lower Silesia; a first occurrence in Poland

Mineralium Deposita 43, Late Weichselian and Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes in northern Poland based on the Lake Skrzynka record. Palaeoecological studies of mires. Po,ski Sudetica, 41, Trace elements in soils and Plants.

Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies 45, 1, High rwgionalna granulites stupnicma the Sudetes SW Poland: Wydawnictwa Geologiczne, Warszawa, pp. To some extent it corresponds with sequences introduced in North America by Sloss, also associated with tectonic cycles. Acta Palaeobotanica, Supplement 6, IntCal13 and Marine13 radiocarbon age calibration curves,years cal BP.


Systems of main longitudinal strike-slip faults in the vicinity of the G6ry Sowie Block Sudetes. The influence of oxiding and reducing conditions upon the distribution of some elements in lake sediments. Soil Science Annual 44, Environmental changes during the Holocene climatic optimum in central Europe – human impact and natural causes. Tracking Environmental Change using Lake Sediments.

Słownik geologiczny

Retrieved May 24,from http: From classical to canonical ordination. Peat decomposition – shaping factors, significance in environmental studies and methods of determination; regiobalna literature review.

Sign in to annotate. Canadian Mineralogist, 34, Quaternary International The mineralogy and related chemistry of lake sediments.