Moorcock conceived of Gloriana as his last fantasy novel, which it wasn’t, and as a crucial turning point in his career, which it was. Spenser’s. Gloriana the First is the Queen of Albion, an alternate version of England. She is the ruler of a vast empire, and lives in a vast, labyrinthine palace. She is known. Gloriana by Michael Moorcock – book cover, description, publication history.

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We’re introduced to the lonely Gloriana, who clearly is no stranger to men she has nine kids and a chunk of the book is her weighing alliances through marriage and trying to balance that with her own sexual fulfillment. In particular with this one; despite it being a ‘homage’ to Mervyn Peake it comes across more as obnoxious, sexist drivel. Gloriaha has maintained peace throughout Gloriana’s year reign using terror, oppression, and a network of moodcock.

In my old age, the Moorcock stories I like best are the ones that have little to do with Elric or the Eternal Champion cycle, like Dancers at the End of Time or the Jerry Cornelius stories.

The subtext is not Chinese Imperial but Spenserian allegorical. It does contain poetry, mainly from court occasions and written in a style rather like Dryden ‘s. Maybe if I had read those books I would’ve seen the subtle satire he is apparently working with.

The Michael Moorcock Collection 1 – 10 of 28 books. Someone publishes this book. But here, in both scenarios, mlorcock she takes control of it or not, she becomes an individual in her fear. Even more than the plot, the richly described world is the main draw for this book, however.

Queen Gloriana | Moorcock’s Multiverse Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Moorcock is one of the original Leftist voices in fantasy, one of the first and most prominent people who articulated the anti-royalist case moorcoco Lord of the Rings and moorccock imitators, and that definitely shows here.

Or, The Unfulfill’d Queen Author s: View all 5 comments. But Peake spent the whole book moorcok into the innards of that psyche, while Moorcock is content to use it as a symbolic black box. Queen Gloriana presides, with the assistance of her counselors, over an empire of remarkable peace and prosperity: For instance, he doesn’t like Tolkien but does like Peake, morocock whose memory he dedicated this book. Jun 02, Fantasy Literature rated it it was ok. Michael Moorcock is well known for having strong views on what type of fantasy he likes and what mooorcock doesn’t.


So I have her to thank for my deeper dive into deviance. The court intrigue and the queen were boring. Perhaps this is a nod to Spenser’s glorious opinion of Elizabethan society was very different in reality? I did love the fact that the most powerful character was a woman – exaggerated, but still human and I can’t actively dislike a book that concludes that a moorcocck good orgasm is good for queen and country.

Not, of course, that she believed in those terrible prehistoric fables, though sometimes she could not help wishing that they had really existed and that she had lived in them, for they must surely have been more colourful and stimulating than this present age, where dull Reason drove bright Romance away: I read this becuase my husband’s a devoted Moorcock fan they’re on first name terms- isn’t this internet thing amazing?

On the one hand Moorcock’s casual treatment of fetishes and homosexuality and crossdressing feel utterly modern, but on the other. With the exception of Una, Countess of Scaith, the Queen’s best friend and lover the character’s are pretty forgettable.

That said, that aspect of the plot doesn’t seem to start until decently far into the book, with the earlier sections seemingly more interested in detailing the setting and the lengths that the queen’s advisors have to do in order to maintain the peace between the various parts of the Empire and the other empires they have to deal with. This Gothic Elizabethan fantasy shows an alternate world in which Moorcock specialises which clearly, consciously or not in his successors’ cases, is part of the same fantasy complexes of Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman and the American Tim Powers.

A couple of suitors are in the frame and Gloriana seeks not to offend them but to hold them off in a combination of statehood, diplomacy and espionage.

Queen Gloriana

That said the well discussed final scene did threaten to spoil the entire enterprise for me, it is by no means an exploitative scene in my opinion but I do think Moorcock hugely overreached into some deeply squicky territory. G,oriana Gloriana rules Albion, an alternate reality British Empire, with the help of her Chancellor, Montfallcon, and his dirty deeds mooecock the name of the throne. There are few things that could mar such an outstanding premise.

I want a whole book about him! But it falls pathetically flat with long-winded writing and little action for pages. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat And Gloriana is oppressed by the burden this places upon her – and by the fact that she remains incapable of orgasm.


Peace throws men into a kind of confusion few of them have the strength to bear for long—responsibilities blossom. She remains unfulfilled privately – not the Virgin Queen sexual promiscuity is the rule here, as in much seventies literaturebut unable to experience orgasm – and this makes her unhappy.

Moorcock based his novel on elements of Edmund Spenser ‘s The Faerie Queenean allegorical epic poem of the s that praises Queen Elizabeth I in the character of Gloriana, queen of a mythical ” Fairyland “.

John Glorianw, it would seem, still lives in the darker recesses of Anglo culture. The thematic material is overtly written into the narration but coexists awkwardly with the plot, an odd blend of telling where most books would show and gloruana time instead on stupid symbolist glorinaa and verse remnants, seemingly, of an unfathomably misguided origin as a play script.

It’s like he’s going for some kind of high-tragedy sensation, watching helplessly as an Inevitable Fate unfolds but if it only achieves that inevitability by closing its eyes when characters are exerting agency, does it really count? Gloriana has a seraglio where various people and misfits live. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Countess Una appears to be an alternate version of Una Perssona significant protagonist in Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius series. I’m glorians there are deeper messages but they were lost on me in the unsettling moordock.

The maintenance of the delicate balance that keeps Albion and Gloriana thriving depends of Montfallcon, Gloriana’s Chancellor, and on his network of spies and assassins – in particular on Quire, cold hearted seducer of virtue and murderer of innocence.

But the major plot of the book — Quire ruins Gloriana, then saves her, then seduces her — just doesn’t ring true.

And while the focus on royal style getting some may make you wonder if we’re heading toward Alan Moore “Lost Girls” territory, fortunately Quire shows up to shift the plot toward honest to goodness to seduction. Moorcock is a well poisoner.