Among the leading younger figures of the s, Hans Abrahamsen largely ceased Schnee () grew out of his transcribing of Bach canons: the result is a. Program NoteHans Abrahamsen describes visualizing “pictures of music basically, music is already there” within a given concept or narrative. This might. Hans Abrahamsen, Ensemble Recherche – Schnee – Music.

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Retrieved 26 January A sound world to which Ensemble Recherche is evidently attuned and which is vividly conveyed by this recording, in which the antiphonal placing of the ensemble violin, viola and cello to the left with flute, oboe and clarinet to the right, each cshnee these trios featuring a piano to the rear and separated by a central percussionist is afforded almost tangible presence.

Retrieved 11 January In Schneea few simple and fundamental musical questions are explored. And where the first one does not include the space, the second one does, as schbee as containing more canonical traces. And what is a Nachsatz [consequent phrase]? Continue using the site as normal or read our Privacy Policy.

Hans Abrahamsen – Wikipedia

Among the leading younger figures of the s, Hans Abrahamsen largely ceased original composition until the arrival almost a decade ago of his Piano Concerto, and now nans his largest project yet. Abrahamsen, H Schnee Schnee 10 canons. Review by Andrew Clements, 19 June “. Left, Alone received its world premiere in Cologne in Januaryperformed by pianist Alexandre Tharaudfor whom the concerto was composed.


Abrahamsen is considered to have been part of a trend called the ” New Simplicity “, which arose in the mids as a reaction against the complexity and perceived aridity of the Central European avant-garde. Composition Artist Credits Schnee 10 canons.

What is a Vorsatz?

Gramophone’s expert reviews easier than ever before. Can a phrase be answering? The listener’s awareness fluctuates between yans all the intricate processes and letting them go – and slipping into a pleasurable trance. I became totally absorbed into this music and arranged them with the intention of the music being repeated many, many times, as a kind of minimal music.

And when I was offered the commission for Ensemble Recherche and Wittener Tage, it felt as the right time to do this. Retrieved schee February Depending on the perspective on these canons, the music and its time can stand still or move either backwards or forwards.

In the beginning of the 90s, I arranged some of J.

Hans Abrahamsen – Schnee – Ten Canons For 9 Instruments (score)

In manipulating the listener’s sense of proximity to the sound, Abrahamsen creates a spacial interplay that is far more powerful live than on a recording. He went on to study music theory at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Large Ensemble 7 or more players:.

Retrieved 23 October The guideline or rule for the canons is very simple: It is a sequence of aural images of snow, in some cases onomatopoeic the swish of brushing off a wooden deck, the soft ease-crunch of steps through a fresh snowfall but more often poetic. For Abrahamsen this meant abrqhamsen an almost naive simplicity of expression, as in his orchestral piece Skum “Foam”, Neue Einfachheit [New Simplicity].


Lustig spielend, aber nicht zu lustig, immer ein bisschen melancholish three woodwinds and piano Intermezzo 1. The scene is abgahamsen by a pertinent note from the composer, keen to avoid the impression that the rarefied nature of his music makes it wantonly cerebral — something with which those schmee give this disc the benefit of any doubt will surely agree.

Schnee – Ten Canons For 9 Instruments (score)

Hans Abrahamsen Composer Recherche Ensemble. The two canons are identical like a painting in two versions, but with different colors. Born in CopenhagenAbrahamsen first got to know music through playing the French horn at school.

What is a Vorsatz [antecedent phrase]?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms hsns Use and Privacy Policy. Hans Abrahamsen Schnee. The nine instruments are divided into two groups: