A midth century manuscript of this work [ Sharh Hizb Al-Imam Al-Nawawi] is available online at the. Wird Al Imam An Nawawi Pdf. Arabic. It is said to be the wird of Imam an Nawawi (رحمه االله). بِسْمِ اللّهِ، اللًهُ أكْبَرُ، اللّهُ أَكْبَرُ، اللّهُ أَكْبَرُ، أَقُوْلُ عَلَى نَفْسِي وَعَلَى دِيْنِي وَعَلَى أَهْلِي وَعَلَى أَوْلادِي. The Wird of Imam al-Nawawi is recited every morning for protection. audio: http:// text:

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If I do not greet back in writing then know I do it verbally because sometimes I am too busy and just want to answer the question. In You, O Allah, I take refuge from their [various] evils. There is no strength nor power except by Allah, the High, the Most Great.

Wa bika Allahumma ahtarizu mimhum.

I have the full word of nawawee but it seems kinda wierd and I think akhoona ayman has a point Asalamu alaikum. Skip to main content. Advice to all members Rules?


Actually the first time I saw this Wird, and the brother told me that it is for Imam Al-Nawawi, the first that caught my attention is: It is known that the affect of any duaa and wird depends nawqwi the heart status of who says it. Allahumma inni as-aluka li naawi min khayrika bikhayrika-ladhi la yamlikuhu ghayruk. And with You, O Allah, I repel their necks. Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Bismillahi aftatihu wabihi akthtatim.

Originally posted by Ayman bin khaled View Post. There is no God save Him.

Even if we accept this wird is said by Imam al-Nawawi, then that will not increase our Imaan or our knowledge in Islam. I had some more questions, but would leave it at that And Allah knows best. Created creatures are powerless [when faced] with the ability of the Creator. Nevertheless, as we wifd, this brings no benefit to anyone.

Verily, Allah is my protector, who sent down the Book, and he looks after the righteous. Allahu rabbi la illaha ilaLlah. Wird of Imam an Nawawi? The benefit of such wird is not due to its text but rather due to the virtue of the Imam himself.

  DECL 098 PDF

Shaykh al-Buti on Imam an-Nawawi’s Wird.

The Sustainer suffices me from those who are sustained. So why not use him. Wird of Imam an-Nawawi [d. In You, O Allah, I seek protection against them. However, I strongly doubt that it has been naeawi by Imam al-Nawawi for many reasons; a.

Wird Al Imam An Nawawi Free Download

The Creator suffices me from the created. I didn’t see anyone from among those who permit it counting him, even though they count and support their view with scholars not of the caliber of Imam Al-Nawawi. Bismillah Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar. The One who suffices me is my sufficiency. That was my initial thought few years back The Lord suffices me from all who are subject to nawqwi.