Going Clear by Lawrence Wright Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige Hill Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman Troublemaker by Leah Remini A Piece of Blue Sky . Janet Reitman takes readers inside Scientology in her book about America’s most secretive religion. The limestone and granite Church of Scientology in midtown Manhattan is located just northwest of Times Square, at West 46th Street.

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She was always giving me tracts about Scientology. This was just the kooky sscientology I had been reading about From the way you describe founder L. His scores make his case. Whether you think the author accomplishes her goal of writing an objective book will depend on whether you’re a Scientologist and whether you believe objectivity and balance are the same thing.

So it’s scienotlogy mixed bag. I want to make sure you have everything. This is a non fiction book about Scientology.

Book review: ‘Inside Scientology’ by Janet Reitman

It lies somewhere within the Bermuda triangle of Buddhism, clinical psychology, and the sort of pyramid schemes that clog up the sidebars of the less reputable websites you visit one weird old trick to Dec 01, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: Hubbard was a perfect cult leader, like Jim Jones without the mass suicide or Charles Manson without all the murders.

The jnaet were crazy This book was both interesting reitamn disturbing. Jim Jones lured people in by offering acceptance, love, and equality; pretty soon, the inhabitants of Jonestown found themselves drinking arsenic-laced Kool-Aid.

Tom Cruise and John Travolta need to “Read this book! Reitman thinks the German weekly magazine Der Spi I started reading this book last night. And yes, I did the quiz, which was stupid. Jul 28, Jon Wilson rated it liked it. Looking for the Wcientology Hotel? If these are the What can I say here???

Copyright Los Angeles Times. Jul 09, Joanna rated it really liked it Shelves: You are promised that if you learn, and of course pay for, enough tech you will eventually become a powerful enough Thetan to do anything.


Even Tom Cruise, the most famous Scientologist, “freaked out” and was like, ‘What the …? In the world of ineide school, this is genius. I didn’t know about the billion-year contracts, or the tossing people overboard from the yacht for minor infractions.

I’d encourage you to read this whole webpage which describes what happens when one reaches OT3, but here I’ll give you some highlights After being led into a locked room and having to sign waivers saying you won’t disclose the information you’ll learn to anyone without the OT3 clearance, you are allowed to read the following enlightening information: Reitman writes that “Scientology” means the “study of truth”.

Celebrity endorsement can also bite you in the butt, though; Charles Manson was a member of the Church for awhile in prison.

‘Inside Scientology’ by Janet Reitman: book review – latimes

It’s sitting on a desk somewhere in the apartment. Eighteen-hour days, little time off, they live in terrible conditions. And then for some reason there was a family outing to that same Hollywood Scientology place for Christmas to see the snow thing that they do. Feb 07, Jeanette “Astute Crabbist” rated it it was amazing Shelves: Somebody had told me to be honest with them, but not too honest.

The entire organization was created on a foundation of lies ecientology from the start. You talk about how Miscavige used celebrity as a marketing tool, which went a bit sour with Tom Cruise and the couch-jumping on Oprah.

Reporter Janet Reitman Peers ‘Inside Scientology’

Xenu then did a ton of horrible things to these people, like drugging them, placing their bodies around a volcano, and blowing them up with H-bombs. The first big goal is to reach the level known as “clear,” where you’re supposed to be free of your psychological issues and psychosomatic physical issues.

So whatever came first—people catching on, or Hubbard strategizing—though I tend to think it was the former, and what Hubbard then did was strategize once he realized what was happening. I had actually never heard of David Miscavage prior to this book, but feel confident that he too will meet a suitably horrible end once his power starts to wane and some other unscrupulous maniac arises to replace him.


The second half of the book deals with the changes that took place after L R Hubbard passed away. But this expansion has not come without its costs, the author explains. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Overall, interesting and eye-opening, and extremely well-written. Ron’s eyes to the later method of using celebrity endorsements. By the time he died, he was a Christ-like figure to his followers, who made him and his church incredibly rich.

Did you know L. The beauty here is that the events are so recent. In the end the story reminded me of a descript A well-written book on a subject I’ve always found darkly fascinating. Miscavige credits Hubbard’s teachings for curing him of his youthful ailments and frailty.

Feb 08, Steven rated it it was ok Shelves: I doubt that Scientology is a net loss for everyone that gets involved, but it seems a lot like cocaine. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Reporter Janet Reitman Peers ‘Inside Scientology’ : NPR

And within a few years, he came up with something to cure himself of his trauma. At its core, Scientology is a complete inslde of bunk.

Hubbard’s mad desire for macho-man adventure so infused his ego as to warp his stories into tall tales of personal achievement that he himself started to believe. Reitman’s book, which grew out of an article the Rolling Stone contributing editor wrote for the magazine inis a well-researched and compelling read, reiman for those who start with little knowledge about Scientology, Hubbard or his successor, David Miscavige.

Preview — Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman.