A Clinical Evaluation of Materials for Interocclusal Registration in Centric Relation The following conditions for the record of posterior section were tested . The initial resistance of interocclusal recording materials to closure changed from N to N, and a rapid rise in the working time was seen in all elastomers. Statement of Problem: Interocclusal recording materials should have good dimensional stability for precise articulation. Purpose:The aim of this in vitro study.

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Comparison of five interocclusal recording materials.

In cases of edentulous areas, the ZOE paste in combination with the register base tends to dislocate the underlying mucosa, resulting in articulator mounting with a slight vertical opening In a second stage, the records were interposed between the casts and fixed with wooden rods and compound, so that the measurements could be made. Dimensional stability is influenced by both the “material” and “time” factors and is found to decrease as the time factor increased. Thus, intermaxillary recording plays an extremely important role in final results.

J Oral Rehabil ; Excess wax was removed and the procedure was repeated.

Interocclusal recording materials

Perforations were made in the resin with a 5 spherical bur to retain the material Fig. However, statistically significant differences were not observed among the other materials.

In this study, however, silicone presented the highest mean value of vertical separation between casts, although it did not differ significantly from the combinations of materials under study except for acrylic resin base plus wax. Thus, 6 pairs of reference points were established to perform the vertical measurements Fig.

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Comparison of five interocclusal recording materials.

Differential accuracy of elastomeric recording materials and associated weight change. After the material jelled, the records were removed Fig.

Interocclisal in vitro study. The materials were evaluated by measuring the vertical distance between pairs of reference points located on the bases of the upper and lower articulated casts.

A review of principles and techniques for making interocclusal records for mounting working casts. This article has been cited by. Polyvinyl siloxane materials were significantly more likely to lead to successful articulation than were the other interocclusal record materials. Com base nos achados deste estudo, a seguinte escala de reprodutibilidade pode ser estabelecida, do melhor para o pior: The patients were instructed to occlude their teeth normally in maximum intercuspation.

The pair of casts of each patient was first articulated manually in maximum intercuspation and fixed with rigid wooden rods and compound. Clinical evaluation of interocclusal recording materials in bilateral free end cases. Clinical factors and clinical variation influencing the reproducibility of interocclusal recording methods. For the records made with condensation silicone, the material was divided into two equal parts placed in the right and left edentulous regions of the lower arch and the patients were instructed to occlude normally in maximum intercuspation Fig.

Comparative evaluation of dimensional stability of three types of interocclusal recording materials: The use of wax as a interocclusal recording material has been debated because it reportedly causes mandibular deflection, resistance to closure and distortions with changes in temperature 3,9,14, Properties of interocclusal registration material.


On the other hand, when large edentulous spaces are present, specifically in posterior free end cases, cast mounting is considerably more complex 7.

Accuracy and dimensional stability of four interocclusal recording materials.

As an inclusion criterion, only individuals who had some teeth remaining in the mandibular arch up to premolars were selected, in order to allow manual articulation of the casts by the presence of tripod support and horizontal stability. Study of the accuracy interocclusxl different recording materials.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Figure 6 shows that the differences obtained with this combination of materials were more marked at the reference points 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The materials used in the study were polyvinylsiloxane Virtualzinc oxide eugenol paste Superbite materuals Bite registration wax Alumax.

The success of any prosthetic rehabilitating treatment depends on several aspects related to the precise mounting of casts in the articulator. J Prosthet Dent ; J Prosthet Dent ; Maintenance of vertical dimension of occlusion was always checked by visualization of tripodism obtained intefocclusal the anterior and posterior occlusal contacts.

Cylinders of 7 wax were softened with a heated spatula and set in place during the clinical procedures.