The Gebser Society furthers the work of German poet and integral philosopher, Jean Gebser (). Jean Gebser () was a German poet, philosopher, and phenomenologist of consciousness. He is best known for his magisterial opus, The. tural historian and evolutionary philosopher Jean Gebser, largely in his own words. According to Gebser, human consciousness underwent a series of mutations.

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Jean Gebser—Life and Work

It also resembles Asian religious philosophical terms and views, such as Rigpa in Dzogchenand Ramana Maharshi ‘s view on awareness as the sole reality underlying the ego-structure or “I-thought. Gebser symbolizes it with gbeser “triangle”, which illustrates a “trinity” of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis: Time is a subject that dominates our modern lifestyle. It was the eternal round.

In characterizing the emergent consciousness as arational as opposed to irrational and aperspectival, Gebser sought to indicate that it transcended the dualistic, black-or-white categories of the rational orientation to life. But where he felt most in the presence of the emergent arational-integral consciousness was in the Pondicherry ashram of the twentieth-century philosopher-yogi and former political activist Sri Aurobindo.

Gebser died in Wabern bei Bern on May 14, “with a soft and knowing smile. He asks of us whether or not we have had our fill of those horrors yet. To paraphrase James Lovelock on Gaia Theory: Jul 24, Michael Neal rated it it was amazing. Integral is not abstraction.

Return to Book Page. He too believes gebsfr need to incorporate different forms of knowledge, because scientific knowledge alone cannot help us in this transition.


Gebser notes that the various structures of consciousness are revealed by their relationship to space and time.

Integrative InvestigationsJanuaryVolume 4 Number 1. Fragmented knowledge gain is shallow and can only embrace span with little 1st person-defined meaning.

Books by Jean Gebser. Neither flesh nor fleshless.

Cultures centered around the theme of time as a cycle there are great examples in many mythologies: He was an excessively sensitive child, and in a remarkable autobiographical essay, Gebser speaks of his childhood years as years of dormancy. He was a scholar, a linguist, a translator, a poet, a historian, an eloquent speaker, a traveler, an adventurous lover of life, people, and ideas-a man of experience, wisdom, spiritual depth, and charisma.

Lists with This Book. All Formats Paperback Sort by: I won’t go gebswr that for now, because I’d like to share more contemporary examples.

Jean Gebser Society

We no longer have a qualitative experience of realitywe live in a world of abstract mechanics and ratio. The integral structure of consciousness is no longer a conception: And do not call it fixity. How including cultural construct, biological gegser, and power dynamics in our understanding of gender pay gaps allows us to chart a better work world for both men and women.

As science attempts to deconstruct reality to its utmost fragmentation, I believe that they will only be dissolving the separation between “self and other. Think about the symbolic significance of this: Olen Gunnlaugson, Bruce Sanguin, and Thomas Hubl trialog on the nature of future and collective inquiry.

I am just saying: Death brings us to the doorstep of the eternal, and what we are experiencing currently is the dissolution of our egoic-oriented, rational consciousness. Civilization is still racing towards a crisisbut such a crisis might gfbser us greater good than we can imagine. A total revolution of the mind to paraphrase Krishnamurti will be necessary. As Europe emerged from its dark ages, it helped set the stage for the state of affairs gebeer. Trivia About The Ever-Present AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.


Some saw the cause jaen this despair as a lack of values or ethics. He foreshadowed the ecological-oriented worldview, as well as the complexity sciences of the 70’s.

Jean Gebser – Wikipedia

One of the central themes in Gebser’s work is how a human society relates to time. But now I am looking at a possible re-read. The task of crystallising the integral world out of the prevailing cultural dissolution stands before us. It is hard to classify Gebser. As long as we continue to perceive reality as a steady growth of progressthe faster reality will overwhelm us with our own projections. No direct information on this structure is available; it is inferred from writings from later times.

The person who has iean through to the arational-aperspectival consciousness, however, sees the limitations of the ego, and is not threatened by the suggestion that he or she is more than the narrow field of awareness and angular vision that is associated with the ego.