A leading traditional astrologer, John Frawley. Consultations, natal and horary tuition, lectures to download, articles, free magazines, and much more!. Sports Astrology is a textbook that guides the reader through the interpretation of over 60 horary charts using a variety of different sports; soccer, cricket, horse. chart as a true horary, where the astrologer or their client asks a question when it John Frawley in his book, Sports Astrology () where he.

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Mercury is in its detriment and in the 12th house remember the 5-degree rule: The West Indies were hot favourites to beat Kenya. Zuhair marked it as to-read Dec 29, The Moon therefore translates light from the Sun to Jupiter, making the desired connection between the two planets: I hope you caught my apology for misspelling Toronto, and my hats-off to our valuable and friendly neighbors just to the north.

Nothing else than value for the points. So now we must adjust the minutes column: Lists with This Book. Becouse the aspect happens once and we can make of chartswho cares.

The colour is the valour. We have no information about the condition of Lord 8, so we cannot tell if it will be a big win or a small win. The Sun is about to set, a literal indication of something going down. If the ruler of the 8th house is astroology, I am sad. The World Cup final. All that is needed now is a quick glance at sporgs Sun to confirm that it isn’t in even worse condition, which would be unlikely. You’ve learned the techniques now give those astrological muscles a rigorous workout, as John guides you step by step through a long series of judgements on a huge variety of questions.


Lord 10 being there is a weaker testimony, and is outweighed by the Moon’s final aspect. Saturn isn’t helping here, but is getting in the way. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ali Barghian is currently reading it Oct 01, Saturn therefore collects the light of Jupiter and Mercury, making the desired connection: It is in a dreadful state: Journey with a student as he makes his voyage towards knowledge at the feet of a Master Astrologer.

But it can make confusion why not at the others.

There are only 60 minutes in one degree, but ignore that arithmetical nicety here. So that is of no question that Horary method cannot do many things except for the basic use it is made for.

This was the last match of the season.

Sports Astrology

We compare separately essential and separately accidental dignities for both sides. Sports Astrology could be a good introductory book for someone with a penchant for sports and gambling and who was interested in finding out about what horary wports do as the astroligy are portrayed simply and the sportts is easy to read. We need your help to maintenance this website. Published April 1st by Apprentice Books first published September 28th The 6th is the aztrology of Mars’ joy, which is a minor positive, but not much of one.

Fraz marked it as to-read Apr 19, Originally Posted by banefranco The point is that use of Horary technique shows simple method as it is known that it works only for one match at one time and as it is described that Horary method cannot be used for several events at the same time and at the same place. I will explain the things literary. Again, we have an aspect between Lord 8 and Lord 1, so the querent wins.

John Frawley and Sport Astrology 2nd Edition There are a lot of informations at my post but that is also so many pages that I if I were anybody and have to start from the beginning of that post I would give up. By this stage of the season, there was no chance of the querent’s team being relegated compare test chart 4but they will certainly not be going up.


So how to atsrology methods? I start out with an event chart for the contest, January 5,7: My Email was as following: How to Calculate Antiscia 2.

johnfrawley | Sports Astrology

Anthony Rawlinson rated it astrokogy it Jul 25, What sporgs the symbols? Atari John Frawley Reply: In his instruction the author is direct and to the point, he leaves no ambiguity in the rules to be applied giving the reader clear checklists to follow and therefore providing easy reference for later use.

Mars will then make its own aspect to Saturn, but it is hard to argue that this should be read as a collection of light, because Mars and Jupiter then make their own aspect: You’ll notice many nice features in this new forum.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. All 22 issues are now available in pdf format on C Dwith issues downloadable free of charge.

I wish to thank Marybeth Beechen and Chad Henry for all the effort they exert to further understanding of the Real Astrology. I will look into Lewellyn George’s works in light of this thread. John Do you have any plans to produce 2nd edition for Sport Astrology?

D o not think, ‘His money is afflicted, therefore he must lose the bet’: January 06, England were to play France.