Kuji-In 4: Kuji-In Mastery: Power of Manifestation – Kindle edition by Maha Vajra. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Kuji-In for Everyone. Kuji-In is translated from the Japanese as “Nine Syllable Seal”. Your hands are your primary tool in these practices, and each hand mudra . Boa Pu Zhi, a wise Chinese master, was the first to put the nine hand mudras on The goal of the kuji-in technique is not to acquire strength, control, healing.

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Extend your two middle fingers and interlace all other fingers. The transformational approach encourages the experience middle finger of RIN at first, followed by the affirmation index of RIN only when much more experience has been gained.

Your psychic abilities will evolve, kji-in you will kuji-ln an expanded perception of the world. It is a technique that belongs to the esoteric Buddhist tradition. It was a way to bring the virtues of the spirit into the physical experience. Ships from and sold by Amazon. On this path you will learn that, as the Sacred Flame grows brighter in you, it actually rises up your spine until it fills your entire body. In the Transformational Approach, the RIN mudra keeps the bent fingers outside the hand, which means we are focusing on affirming our self-trust and faith.

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Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. As long as there is philosophy behind the ritual technique, a result will be achieved. You have the right to live. A Taoist might use a chi-gong dance along with 9 syllables, while a Buddhist would sit in meditation and use 9 longer mantra prayers.


The circulation of air and Prana into your body ignites and fans the flame. You can begin with 9 complete breaths, that is 27 mantrasbut to gain the full potential of the RIN Kuji, and start the path, you will have to perform the complete set 90 times every few days until you have completely mastered the technique, and you feel the energy strongly inside of you.

Focused on the transformation of self from within, Kuji-in is a Buddhist ritual practice that will not only work you to become the master of your life, but will also produce exceptional observable manifestations of great energy, health, physical and mental strength. Side effects of this intensive training will produce: This book is about occidental occultism, such as Kabbalah, the Arbatel of Magic, and Elemental Magic.

You are highly encouraged to read the introduction book “Qi-Gong and Kuji-In”, then the intermediary book “Advanced Kuji-In”, before you go on to the mastery technical details offered in this book.

RIN is the first of nine techniques to achieve a wonderful and powerful spiritual experience. Lepine Publishing; edition May 16, Language: Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Thus, this mantra is also a pledge of sacrifice offered to the God King of Heaven, Indra, know as the one who holds thunderbolts. Then, the technique migrated to Japan, along with esoteric Buddhism, where the mantras where translated in Japanese.


Kuji-In: 9 Seals of Spiritual Power

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Allow the smoke to drift up unnoticed; do not spend any energy attending to it.

The objective of this practice is to call blessings to all aspects of masery life. As you complete the set, the RIN fire covers your entire body, legs, arms, and then extends a bit beyond your body about one inch from the exterior surface of your skin. Power of Manifestation Volume 4. The more philosophy you learn about Kuji-In, the more the technique will deliver powerful results.

They will develop only to a tenth of what they could if the kuji-in was practiced to its fullest. Therefore, Qi-Gong methods are the techniques using the flow of energy inside your body. The RIN Kuji is used to strengthen your mind and body. Most people learn the technique simply to get these side-effects.

Maha Vajra. Modern enlightened spiritual Master

A seal is a combination of various technical components. Write a customer review.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Each time masttery succeed something, you should focus on appreciating this success. This symbol then interacts with what seems to be reality, and modifies the structure of the universe according to the desired effects.