The Kularnava Tantra is held in high esteem by Kaula tantriks. This tantra does exist in English translation (Prachya Prakashan, ) but this chapter is my. The “Kularnava Tantra” is a major text in the Kula tradition of Shaktism and Tantric Shaivism. The term comes from the Sanskrit, kula, meaning “family” or “ clan”;. Kularnava Tantra – Taranath Vidyaratna, Arthur Avalon कुलार्णव तन्त्र – तारानाथ Kulachudamani Tantra – Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. Uploaded .

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Of these man is the kulxrnava. The Readings are free translations – with annotations where necessary – omitting technical details but preserving the spirit and essential import of the original in his characteristically lucid style. Some say it is like this, others like that” v And I will also engglish everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your business and service has been for me.

He knows the best mantra of all and becomes like Tantrq and Me. Denizens of the forest like deer and other animals live only on grass, leaves and water; do they become yogins thereby? To be otherwise, to do otherwise, is simply to be drunk.

As the footprints of all animals get lost in the footprint of the elephant so do all philosophies get absorbed in this Doctrine.

Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

It is that which, remembered, protects in times of distress and danger and calamity. Dyczkowski The Doctrine of Vibration: It contains a description of the Kaula substances; the making of wine; the various kinds of wine; its use as Chitta-shodhana- sadhana so that the mind may become Bramagah. It is not to be known from Vedas or Agamas or Sastras or Puranas, however exhaustive they may be; neither by sacrifices, nor austerities nor visits to pilgrim centres nor even by means led by Mantras or herbs.

Where there is not even awareness, where it is still like blocked water, that Dhyana devoid of Form is called Samadhi. Plainly, it is the very self of Shiva and no acts are known within it. Just as the essence of Speech is there below in the basic centre, muladhara, just as the lowest in the rung – the sudras and the like – are the effective instrumentations, similarly in the Ocean of Kula all knowledge is founded on the paduka.

Even if such men of the Lord be far, there must one repair; they must be seen with effort; because there, indeed, I am.


Talk not of the higher Purpose as long as there be desire, attachment and activity of the senses. Chapter Three Shri Devi said: Unless directed by him do not speak, do not read, do not sing, do not eat there; do nothing without bowing to him Never fail to carry out his rantra.

Who knows the mystic meaning of pada stationpasa bondspasu animal – he is the Guru. He shall not eat before-hand. Whether a brahmin or any other case, whether pure or impure, he who recites Shri Paraprasada mantra is liberated, there is no doubt of this. This Tanta experienced within is not seizable by thought or speech.

As with water thrown into water, milk into milk, ghee into ghee, no difference remains, similarly no difference there remains between the jivatma and the Paramatma, the soul and the Lord. Now, Kuleshani, the magnificence of the mantra is revealed. Mudra is the knowledge of the luminous Atman, Self, in the thousand petalled Lotus above; or it means abondonment of one’s participation in evil that goes to bind. It recovers the lost heritage of the ancient Veda which lays emphasis upon the commonalty of man, Nature and God and the equality of status between Mother Earth and Father Heaven.

To hell he goes who dares to infringe these conditions and seeks to enjoy the wine. Bestowed with the Grace rantra the Guru, shorn of his evil legacy by means ofthe initiation, delighting in the worship of the Shakti, he is the true Kaula. Even your own wealth you shall uti- lise only after offering to the Guru. Attained to the status of the Lord, pati, do not bow down to any in the grade of the animal, pasu He who attains to the status of the Guru by meditation on the Mantra of the Paduka t he is to be esteemed as the Guru.

Whosoever knows the Urdvhamnaya knows everything. One whose being is overcome by intoxica- tion is aware of nothing; for him there is no meditation, no tapas, no worship, no dharma, no activity of merit, no good, no Guru, kularnzva thought of his self; he cannot be a votary of this path; addicted only to sense-enjoyment he, verily, falls.

As a heap of cotton blown up by a great storm scatters in all the ten directions, so the atntra of sins is driven away by the compassion of the Guru. For indeed devotion is the only cause. But Kaula know- ledge can only be gained by one whose mind is pure and who has controlled his senses v The more you repeat this Mantra the more extended are the fruits, temporal and spiritual.


Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation) by Rai, Ram Kumar

Who knows the triple symbolism of Chakra, Mantra and Puja – he is the Guru. Shiva has no binding form, Shiva is not perceivable by the human eye; therefore He protects the disciple conforming to Dharma in the form of the Guru.

These lovers of the devoted get for their dependents what they may not even hope for. Enough of all rules engliish the supreme Brahman is known.

Shiva says “Oh Beloved to sleep, to copulate, to eat and other such func- tions are common to all animals. Do not lend your ear to any censure of the Guru: It is a star lighting an ignorant sea, A lamp upon our poop piercing the night. What is impor- tant is the spirit in which things are used, the ceremonies conducted and worship offered; it is the inner consecration and taantra the outer ritual that is paramount; they are beloved of the Gods kularnxva are dedicated in the inner sacrifice, antary aga-nistha priyah.

An attempt has been made in the following selections to present such contents as are eminently helpful to the needs of the awakened man of today.

Offer in the measure of your capacity, fruit, flower, cloth and the like. Bad qualities turn good, what is not kindred grows kindred; what is contrary to the Dharma becomes Dharma The very death becomes a helping physician, the home becomes a veritable heaven.

The Kularnava is worthy of a close tantrx by those who would understand the tenets and practices of the School of which it is a Shastra.

He is a self-killer who having attained man’s estate yet seeks not his true good. The principle of Tantra is to reject nothing that God has created, to utilize every means to raise the human consciousness to the Divine. The supreme secret of all secrets are the Kula Shastras, Parvati. Share our website with your friends. The Mahanirvana Tantra lays it down: I cannot speak of the magnificence of the Urdvhamnaya, from my love for you, you gave birth to this truth, Varanane!

One like this has everything, is worshipped, gains knowledge, is effulgent, happy, free from disease and from recitation of the Shri Paraprasada mantra englush kingship, heaven and liberation. There is no difference between God Sadashiva and the Guru; it is sinful to make a distinction.