Leptadenia pyrotechnica is a shrub found in desert areas belonging to the family Asclepiadaceae. It is an important medicinal plant and all. Leptadenia pyrotechnica in the Botanic Library. Desert Vegetation of Israel and Sinai ยท Desert Vegetation of Israel and Sinai. Leptadenia pyrotechnica (Hindi: [khai) is the botanical name of a desert herb of the Being highly brought-resistant, leptadenia pyrotechnica has played an.

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Key Phytochemicals screened from L. Among different extracts, methanol extract showed pronounced results against A. This species holds variety of bioactive constituents that trigger healing properties.

Plant parts Composition 1. The shoots were firstly planted in pyrotevhnica and then in the natural habitat successfully.

Micropropagation of Leptadenia pyrotechnica Forsk. Type the digit seven into the box. A review on hypolipidemic and antioxidant potential of some medicinal plants.

Leptadenia pyrotechnica

Metabolites present in different plant parts of L. Stem juice To cure cough, flu Dialloetal. A, Abido M, Abahussain A.

In Pakistan, it is present in the sandy deserts of Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan. This species possesses antifungal, antibacterial, anticancer, antioxidant, wound healing, anthelmintic, antiatheroscloretic, hypolipidemic, antdiabetic and hepatoprotective activities coupled with other multifarious uses. By using this plant, certain antifungal reagents can be prepared by further working.

Present review is just a glimpse to leptaenia the scientists to divert their attention towards deserts and particularly to further develop the existing remedial potential of L. Toxicity Watafua and Geidam, examined the subacute toxicity of the ethanolic extract of L. Traditional ethno-botanical uses of medicinal plants from coastal areas of Pakistan.

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This activity might be due to the presence of alkaloids in the plant. Its roots are good soil binder that fixes the sand dunes due to elongated and extensive root system Qureshi et lepfadenia. Alkaloids Moustafa et al. Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. R, Paliwal A, Rathore M.

The root and fruit extract in eight different solvents i. Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicines. Final technical repot funded by Pakistan Science Foundation; Islamabad: The present review was aimed to analyze nutritional, phytochemical and pharmacological activities of L.

Wound healing property Wound healing activity of Leptaddnia. These alkaloids were belonged to the indole, pyrrol, and pyrazine and pyridine groups.

Pharmacology Antifungal Activity Rekha et al. An experiment was conducted by Tewari et al. They obtained the fiber by crushing the green stem and then retting it. Last update on The results revealed that both plant parts contained four major phytochemicals such as alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids and saponins.

The same antifungal and antibacterial activities also have been researched out very well in the literature Fabry et al. Leptadnia an ethnobotanical study of Cholistan desert in Leptadennia by Ahmed et al. The carbon and nitrogen contents in the stem were Effect of plant growth regulators on in vitro morphogenesis of Leptadenia reticulata Pyrotechhica. While in Senegal, it is used for infant children as laxative and also used for muscle and kidney pain. A superb, if terse, resource, it is also available electronically on the Web – see http: It is frequently found on sand dunes and interdunal flats in the Cholistan desert and used as medicinal plant Hameed et al.


The anthelmintic activity of methanolic extract of L. Al Fatimi et al. Their Characteristics and Uses. Evaluation of antdiabetic activity of whole plant of Leptadenia pyrotechnica Forssk. Introduction The history of medicinal pant is parallel to the human beings. For this purpose water, ethyl acetate and n- butanol extracts of aerial parts of L. Some of the significant traditional uses summarized in Table 1.

Various studies have been carried out on the ecological, ethnobotanical and biochemical aspects of that plant.

Leptadenia pyrotechnica – Useful Tropical Plants

Almost all plant parts are used in the traditional medicinal system to treat various disorders. People use the native plants to fulfill their basic needs. Young branches are used to make ropes along with Crotalaria burhia in Nara desert Bhatti et al. For this purpose, gus and gfp proteins were transferred by agrobacterium mediated transformation. After 21 days, the serum and liver of rats was taken to check the toxicity of EELP.

This was the first time to produce efficient callus from the nodal parts of plant Qureshi et al.