Machinima, Inc. is a multiplatform online entertainment network operated by Warner Bros. .. Under the terms of his contract, Machinima was permitted to place. Hasn’t Machinima been behind some shady practices involving YouTube contracts in the past? It might be a blessing in disguise. “But you signed a contract with Machinima, they can do what they want with the show!” It wasn’t in the contract that the show would be made.

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The big win with YouTube is that you can easily do the whole thing yourself. Atkray profile29 Jan 7: Anonymous Anonymous Coward29 Jan 8: YouTube declined to comment on spk’s claims of employment or botting, but a company representative did confirm that spk received a large monetary sum from Google for identifying a security risk.

I thought they got out of Machinima years ago. Retrieved February 16, Oct 28, 6, That seems to correspond with my recent notions that perhaps the core problem is the system that produces these large monopolies that people have to work in.

Democracy has nothing to do with Capitalism. Sorry to hear about that. Oct 26, 4, Inside Gaming is the successor to Machinima’s discontinued segment, Inside Halowhich was less successful because of the lack of news surrounding the Halo series. OTOH, while it may cost a lot of money, there is the possibility you might be able to get out of it. YT gravy train is over.

Oct 27, Happy Hour was a block and later a channel focusing on animation. Videogame Dunkey talked briefly about how shitty machinima was for him too: I can’t get out of it,” Vacas tells the camera.


YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts | Techdirt

More Copia Institute Insider Shop. This causes Machinima to be one of the largest YouTubers with the least number of active subscribers and as of Decemberthe channel has over 12 milluon subscribers.

I have been listening to all I can about the networks since this came out, and from what I understand not all networks are like Machinima, some have good contracts. Machinima said that the additional funding would be used to accelerate growth through more investments in content and technology to better serve the firms audiences, advertisers, creators and distributors.

Did they not teach you reading back in Jackass School? JMG29 Jan 1: Retrieved July 28, — via Twitter.

Machinima, Inc.

Machinimz similar but less popular channels are being excluded from this removal, I would consider that weird The only channels preventing Machinima from becoming 1 at the time were Smosh, nigahiga and RayWilliamJohnson.

International Television Warner Bros. If not perhaps people need to ask for it. Hasn’t Machinima been behind some shady practices involving YouTube contracts in the past? Machinima previously held livestreams on the Machinima Live YouTube channel. Hancock, Hugh 30 January Home Box Office Coontract. Heard some horror stories both public-ally and privately that made me want to stay away from them. Both consoles have since removed the Machinima app from their App Store.

Italy UK and Ireland. Do Something Different 2. The failure is because we are all human. Retrieved September 17, Machinima staff, directors, and guests took part in playing the game in four-hour shifts in attempt to reach 15th prestige. Vacas, known online as Braindeadly, has big brown eyes, a fauxhawk, a stubbly goatee and a British accent, discernible as he tells his 40, YouTube subscribers goodbye.


I understand that people fear the idea of courts and costs but if everyone just invested some time and cost to fight back against such injustice then the courts would be swamped and lawmakers might have to sit up and take notice.

The contract noted is antithetical to both of those ideas. Inside Gaming was the main editorial brand of Machinima. Thank goodness their contracts have been so artist-friendly since then.

You’re schizophrenic argument is flawed in too many ways by overlapping a legal standing with an economic method. The network now focuses on gamer lifestyle and entertainment programming, broadcasting solely through their YouTube channels. Really sorry to hear this!

My channel has less subscribers than yours I have k nowbut the number of views are similar. Other times we’re emotional, irrational, greedy unevolved apes trying to dominate everyone else.

This alone would seem to explain why some people thought working with Machinima was a foot in the door. As a small Youtuber hoping against all logic and sanity to be machknima to make a living off of my videos, I pay close attention to this kind cojtract thing. Marino explained bluntly that “the joke was getting old”. Africa France Italy Spain.

Suzanne Lainson profile30 Jan 1: